Design Dilemma | Sarah Eisler Great Room

copycatchic interior design dilemma a modern farmhouse living room and dining room for around $3000 luxe living for less budget home decor and design

Last month I started this new blog/YouTube series with Coby O’Sullivan’s sitting room, and this month I took on Sarah Eisler‘s great room! I’ve followed Sarah on Instagram for awhile now, being a equestrian lover and her being in the horse world. So when I saw her design dilemma submission come through, I knew I wanted to help a fellow horse-lover out 🙂 Sarah moved into her new home not too long ago and needed some help with her combined living and dining room. AND she needed it all on a pretty tight budget…for around $3,000. So I put together a design for her that covers the main pieces that she’ll need to outfit the space and she can fill it all in with accessories as needed. Take a look and let me know  what you think!

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TOTAL | $3,198

sofa options | farlov | Halle | colton | chesterfield

armchair options | herald | nora | nucla | expat

coffee table options | modern | wood | bellagio | rustic

living room rug options | herringbone | vintage | paddle

dining room rug options | taragon | oriental | valencia

options for above fireplace | mirror | montclair | horse eye | sir edward

dining room art options | comforting | set of 4 | diptych | colored horse | abstract water

side table options | modern | drum | hammered | marble top | nartina

dining table options | donnovan | brooklynn | gulianna | althea | emmerson

dining chair options | stafford | windsor | bench

host chair options | skirted | swoop | james

dining room chandelier options | morely | agnes | wire

lumbar pillow | indigo | madera | maricela

greenery options | live olive tree | faux olive | philodendron

accessories | throw | bust | black bowl | trophy | ladder | staghorn | gold platter | brass horseshoe

I have to admit it was hard furnishing what was basically a dining room AND a living room for $3,000. So I decided to show you what $5,300 will get you 😉 Links to the products are above!

copycatchic interior design dilemma a modern farmhouse living room and dining room for around $3000 luxe living for less budget home decor and design


Here is Sarah’s before picture of the room. This is the sale listing photo, so not her furniture. She’s also painted it Sherwin Williams Tree Swallow and Requisite Grey.

And the inspiration images that Sarah gave me were all client work that I did in the past! You can check them out here: Naomi’s living room, Julie’s dining room, Dani’s living/dining room and Anne’s dining room.

Let me know if you liked the video! Stay tuned for more and if you have a design dilemma, feel free to submit it here:

Design Dilemma Questionnaire

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Design Dilemma | Coby O’Sullivan

Copycatchic design dilemma a coastal kid-friendly sitting room for Coby O'Sullivan for under $4500 luxe living for less budget home decor and design

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Vegan Bulletproof Coffee Recipe and latest YouTube Video

This post is in partnership with Nespresso and contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on a link

I’m back with another fun Nespresso recipe – My vegan version of bulletproof coffee using homemade hemp milk and coconut oil! It’s a serious addiction you guys. It’s really so, so good and very filling. Did you know that bulletproof coffee was supposed to replace breakfast? That’s what I’ve heard, and let me tell you, this stuff satisfies. It’s become a necessary part of my daily morning routine. And it’s super easy to make thanks to my Nespresso VertuoPlus and Aeroccino. I mean it. Super. Easy.

Vegan bulletproof coffee with homemade hemp milk and organic coconut oil using a nespresso vertuoplus and aeroccino | copycatchic luxe living for less

My Bathroom Declutter

In my downtime I’ve been slowly trying to go through and organize our “hidden” storage areas: closets, basement, cabinets, etc. Everything is pretty much unpacked since our move, but lots of things were unpacked and just thrown in closets or shelves. And there they’ve sat…for me to agonize over late at night when I’m trying to go to sleep 😉 SO I’m trying to be proactive about it and to take it one step at a time. Organize, purge and rearrange until I’m happy that we only have what we need and the chaos has been tamed. Then I move on to the next one…it’s a dirty cycle. Literally.

So for today’s post I thought I show you the bathroom linen closet. This is like the bottomless pit of products. It’s a decent size and pretty much our only bathroom storage since we have a pedestal sink. So it’s definitely a catchall…kind of like the kitchen junk drawer (next project maybe???). I thought it would be fun to make a video of the whole process showing you the before and after…and everything in-between. This turned out to be a long post, but as the list of products in the bathroom got smaller, the length of this post got longer 😉 Bear with me!

What’s in my Purse?

Just a quick little note that I just posted a new YouTube video! I decided to take part in Lavendaire and Naturally Thrifty Mom‘s #5daystoMinimalism challenge this week. And Monday I had some spare time because my internet service has been super spotty, to say the least. Super frustrating when I want to/should be working. So I figured I’d shoot a video instead 😉 Monday’s focus was your purse/bag. Easy peasy. Today was cleaning out your car. Not sure if I’ll have time to shoot it, but I’ll definitely follow along behind the scenes! I know this video is a liiiitle different than what you all are used to on the blog. But that’s kind of the fun of it right? 😉 Anyways go check it out and if you like it please give me a thumbs up!