Reichel Broussard

Reichel Broussard - Copycatchic

creator of copycatchic
san francisco bay area (oakland), california

I’ve always loved home decor magazines, growing up I remember raiding my Mom’s Better Homes and Garden‘s magazines and tearing out pictures of the rooms I liked. It drove her crazy! 🙂 I’ve combined my love of home design and my love for all things tech related into a career.
My previous jobs have included working in design and marketing; ranging from marketing at a clothing company to working in the creative department for Pottery Barn. I currently freelance on different creative projects as well as offer style advice and interior design services focusing on lower budgets, but high style. On top of all that I also take the time out to contribute to my blog Copycat Chic.
My husband and I bought our first home a few years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area. In order to afford the high mortgage, we’ve learned to budget and bargain hunt! When not working, I scoured the internet for sales, closeouts and bargains in order to make our house into a home…on the cheap. I started finding so many deals that I couldn’t help but share them with everyone else. And that’s how Copy Cat Chic was born!
We just recently moved to the Silicon Valley, just South of San Francisco and are renting an out-dated 60’s ranch house that belongs to the family. We’re doing our best to make cost-effective updates to the house all the while trying to save up to buy our next home.
Other hobbies include riding horses and swimming. The Mr. and I also have a huge interest in living an eco-friendly lifestyle. We eat pretty much all organic and I’m currently transitioning from vegetarian to vegan.