36 Hours | Ithaca, New York

Hi folks, Audrey S. here! My husband and I marked 4 years of marriage last week and celebrated with a night of glamping. In case you’re not familiar, glamping is just what it sounds like — glamorous camping! Reaching this decision was just like anything else in marriage — compromise! I’m more of an outdoor adventurer, he’s more of an anything-that-involves-air-conditioning type of guy :D. Cue Firelight Camps in Ithaca, New York, the perfect blend of nature and luxury.

Designer Tech | Eero WiFi System

Talking about the world's best wifi system, the Eero. Designer looks and function. That's my kind of tech! copycatchic luxe living for less #EEROATHOME
This post is in partnership with eero.


We’ve had a long time struggle with our wireless connection over here. Our house isn’t huge, but there’s just something about the placement of our modem and router that makes it give us spotty coverage everywhere else. Okay, okay…our set up is in our basement (not our choice!). It was there when we moved in and so we just kept it there to keep things easy. Well, it’s not hard to imagine, but we get awful coverage on the 2nd floor. Especially in the master bedroom. This is such a damper on my nighttime youtube binging, hello! My husband even tried moving the whole set up out of the basement and still no dice. We’re guessing the old school iron tub in the upstairs is serving as a damper? Who knows…all I know is that watching the little buffer wheel go round-and-round was driving me nutty. About six months ago it got so bad that we replaced our router and modem and pretty much our whole set-up hoping for better service. Nope. Oh yeah and we tried switching services too. Yeah…double nope.