Vegan Eggnog Latte and a Giveaway with Nespresso

It’s that time of year folks! The holiday beverages are out in full effect. I’m usually a diehard for pumpkin spiced lattes, but no more!  I’ve been trying to mix it up and try something new. One of my favorites this year is the Starbucks Eggnog Latte. Holla.

Vegan Starbucks Eggnog Latte copycat with Nespresso

Now I’ve never been a big fan of eggnog, well, because of the egg part 😉 So I’ve always been a taster and not a enjoyer of eggnog. I love the amazing spices used, but didn’t want to have to deal with the drinking of eggs part. Sooo I decided that I’d make my own vegan eggnog and enjoy myself some tasty eggnog lattes. Yay.

First step, make the vegan eggnog….


  • 1 cup raw unsalted cashews, soaked and drained 
  • 2 cups water 
  • 1 14-ounce full-fat canned coconut milk 
  • 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
  • 1 teaspoon nutmeg 
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • pinch of cloves
  • pinch of kosher salt


  1. Soak cashews in water overnight. 
  2. Drain them and throw then into a blender with 2 cups of water. 
  3. Blend until super smooth.
  4. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend.

Vegan Starbucks Eggnog Latte copycat with Nespresso Evoluo

Once you have your eggnog, it’s time to make the espresso! I partnered with Nespresso on this post because my love for Nespresso is endless. I used the latest Nespresso Evoluo. Life pre-Nespresso was hard. so hard. Thankfully I have the Evoluo now, to keep me company. Its super tasty espresso is ready in less than a minute AND my handy Aeroccino whips up my eggnog at the same time. I can’t tell you how handy this is when I’m rushing out the door to get the kids to school. No time for breakie, but there’s always time for a latte!

And since it’s the holidays, Nespresso currently has one of it’s fun limited edition flavors available, Swiss Chocolate. ZOMG this stuff is good guys. It’s even better with my vegan eggnog though! 😉 It’s like all happy flavors combined into one mug. Pretty freaking fabulous.

Vegan Starbucks Eggnog Latte copycat with Nespresso Limited Edition Swiss Chocolate

Okay now, just in case you thought my lovely vegan eggnog latte recipe just wasn’t enough. I have a Nespresso Evoluo to give away to one of you lucky Nespresso fans out there! Enter using the rafflecopter widget below! Good luck and if you try my recipe tell me what you think! Then go try my Hippy Latte and my Coconut Cream Iced Coffee too, cause those are just as tasty…and vegan 😉

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you for supporting Copy Cat Chic and our generous sponsor Nespresso!

18 thoughts on “Vegan Eggnog Latte and a Giveaway with Nespresso

  1. I am not a fan of eggs period, let alone egg nog! Your vegan version sounds absolutely amazing and I look forward to trying it out! BTW, I'm super envious of your Nespresso…I'm still living pre-Nespresso, but headed to enter your awesome giveaway now!

  2. I don't like eggs, either, and I don't allow any dish that has come in contact with an egg to be placed in my dishwasher. My kids think I'm crazy, but I swear I can smell that "eggy smell" on all the dishes. 🙂 I've never cared for eggnog. You have made me a very happy girl today with your recipe for vegan eggnog latte. Looks delicious.

  3. This vegan eggnog latte I will have to try. I have never made a recipe like this one but this is something that sounds so delicious and I will have to check out the coconut cream iced coffee too. I would so love one of the Nespresso Evoluo because I am so in love with all coffee drinks.

  4. I've never heard of Nespresso! My brother in law LOVES espresso, so I'm sure he's heard of it. I'm not vegan, and I haven't had eggnog, but this recipe looks great!

  5. I dont even like egg nog and I want to try this! That machine looks like a fabulous gift for my sister and her beau!

  6. I love Eggnog, its one of my favorite things about the holiday! Since we have been following a vegan diet on and off for the last few months, I will definitely try it!

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