Ranch House Redo | Master Bedroom Upate

Whhaaat? September already? That means it's time for our monthly Lowe's Creative Ideas Network challenge and Ranch House Redo update! The September LCI challenge was window treatments. So I'd like to bring you into the master bedroom. Like, whoa, did this room need some help. It was like the room where all bedroom furniture came to die. Let me remind you of what the room looked like when we started.

Enter at your own risk! And can I apologize for my awful photo skills? This house is so difficult to photograph I tell you!

Crooked, pea green, old, dusty curtains and a very vintage ceiling fixture.

A full-length mirror propped up on a chair, for God's sakes.

mis-matched furniture...and when I say mis-matched furniture, I mean 9 pieces of furniture in this room and none of them even come close to looking cohesive. Boring bedding, yawn. What's like? Not much.

Okay, enough ugly. Here's some better viewing.

Nothing like a good window treatment update, wouldn't you say? Good ole' Lowe's to the rescue! We went with the trusty black velvet curtain panels that we used in our old master AND Arden's toddler room. I really wish I hadn't left the other panels at our old house, so we could reuse them here...boo, lesson learned! I went with this fun nickel hardware this time around too. And of course the required bamboo shade to layer it out.

We updated the boring and out-dated light fixture with an oversized, black pendant that we used to have in the dining room at our last house, you can sort of see it in my Halloween party post from last year. It definitely adds some drama to bedroom, don't you think?

Finally hung that mirror on the wall! Pure excitement, I tell you. But even better?!

Take a look at those matching pair of bad boys flanking the bed. Oh yes, these beauties now take the place of our dresser AND our nightstands. Oh, the joy. I found them for a steal on Craigslist. I had pretty much given up hope finding matching chests with the right measurements within our budget, when these guys popped up. 

Oh and the mirrors mounted above them? Those are the two mirrors we took down when we updated the front bathroom and master bathroom. I love a good repurpose, don't you?

Here's the To-Do list from the original post

new window treatments
new bed - on it's way!
new bedding (!)
new light fixture
find matching chests to use as nightstands
sell current dresser & nightstands
attach full length mirror to wall - instead of propping it on a chair ;)
hang art on the walls - still working on where I want things to go!
matching bedside lamps *new additon

So we're getting there, still a few more goodies to go, but at least I'm feeling more comfortable in here now. You can't imagine how much more space there is now that we don't have 2 dressers + 2 nightstands clogging up the works!

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  1. Amazing! Such a great job Reich! Love it all :)

  2. Would love to know where you got the new bedding?

    1. We actually got the greek key duvet cover off of Joss & Main awhile back, but it's a King size and we need a Cal King. So we just use it as a topper for now ;) Still on the look out for new bedding. I don't know why it's so hard to find Cal King bedding?! Gah. If you're interested in the duvet cover I'll probably list it for sale at some point soon.

  3. If you move your blinds up higher to meet the curtain rod it will totally change your room. It will make the ceiling seem higher and just completely expand that space.

    1. Wish I could, but they are internal mounts. Widest I could get 'em ;)

  4. Hey Reichel! It's coming along nicely. Instead of buying new case goods, have you considered using chalk paint to re-purupose/spruce?

  5. Looks great Reich! Why is it we all neglect our own bedrooms when we design spaces for other people all the time?! I do the same. My bedroom is the least put together of all the places in the house. Even my kids play room is cuter!

    1. Seriously, not only do I neglect my own spaces. I'm reluctant to spend much on them either. I really need to get over that ;) I'll splurge on kiddo items and scrimp on my own stuff! ha

  6. Would you mind sharing what brand/type/size etc... of new bed you are getting. We are in the process of this ourselves. I am also wondering rather to get a king OR cal. king. I don't want it to be a pain to find bedding though like you say for a cal. king. hence leaning towards a basic king. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated Reichel.

    Thank you

    1. I'm actually getting this bed: http://bit.ly/1e6SkWk. We're getting another CalKing, just because we already have the mattress. I would definitely get a King if I had to do it over again though, just because of the bedding issue. Good luck Tammy :)

  7. Thank you for taking time to respond,--It really means a lot to me when a blogger actually takes time out of their busy day for viewers comments (says a lot about you)--
    Your input has been VERY resourceful and has me now leaning towards the King. We currently have a queen and I had no idea about the different king size bedding dilemas and I LOVE hearing about issues that I would have never thought of due to never owning one.
    -- Have you ever heard any pros/cons about these types of mattress's-- EXAMPLE:)-natural Dunlop latex mattress by Savvy rest OR ororganicpedic mattress by OMI--these 2 are just a select few examples I threw out there.
    ---I am also trying to avoid offgasing while wanting durability & quality. We rescued a little "Xolo" whom sleeps at my feet under covers during our chilly Minnesota winters into spring so we'd like to keep him healthy too :)

    Thank you again Reichel,

    1. Hey Tammy- I don't have any personal experience with the mattresses you've mentioned. I know that Sherry & John from Young House Love are huge fans of the Savvy Rest line....I do have a natural latex/organic mattress from Vera Wang. Not the most eco-friendly out there, but it was surprise from the Mr a couple of years ago for Xmas. I might go with Savvy Rest if I had my pick!

  8. This is amazing. I like all the pictures. You have done a good job Tammy.


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