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Time for a little master bedroom discussion! As you can see in the "Before" pics, this room SERIOUSLY needed some help. Being a part of the Lowe's Creative Ideas Network, I received $300 from Lowe's to do a little room revamp. 

Here are some really awful quality before pictures...sorry 'bout that! I was in a bit of a hurry. Arden was helping my "inspect" the new digs ;)

Now for the after pictures! The room is FAR from done, but isn't it AMAZINGLY better? I went with my favorite vintage-equestrian theme (of course!). You can check out my Pinterest inspiration board here!

Here is the current update list. I have a few things crossed off, but there's definitely plenty left to do!

Paint walls
We wanted to stick with a nice, bright, neutral white and since we loved the bathroom color, we decided to go with the same color: Olympic no-voc paint in "Delicate White".

Replace Window Hardware

And we used these clip rings from allen + roth to attach the curtains.

Replace Window Treatments
We wanted heavy drapes to block the light and keep the warmth in during the winter. These black, velvet drapes are just the ticket!

Replace the Sconces
The sconces might actually be original, so we'll definitely store them away, but we'd really like a more functional sconce, maybe with a swing arm. Not to mention something a little smaller so it won't be so tight with my painting above the bed. (bonus points to those of you who realized they were accidentally hung upside down after the walls were painted! HA!) Here are a few we're looking at:
Royce Lighting 1-Light Black Arm Sconce = $39.94
allen + roth 1-Light Brushed Nickel Arm Sconce = $39.98
Westmore Lighting 1-Light Chrome Arm Sconce = $113.46

New Bedding
We've been sleeping with a down comforter and no cover for months now :( And we need a bedskirt too...I just can't seem to find a good selection of Cal King bedding. Why IS that? So frustrating!

New Dressers
This is the elephant in the room :) When we moved, we decided it was time to retire our beaten-up, tired, old dressers and get something new. Fast forward two and a half months...and I still haven't found dressers that we like in our price range.

Hang Gallery Wall
In our old bedroom we had a gallery wall and it's in boxes just waiting to be hung back up again. One of these days...

LCI is full of inspiration if you need some. You can check out the blog here, the Lowe's Creative Ideas Facebook page and their Pinterest boards here.

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  1. I like your rug! Where is it from and have you had any issues with it? (I know jute sometimes smells, sheds, etc)

  2. Also wondering about the rug - where is it from?

  3. I love your headboard!! Where did you find it??

  4. Ditto on the rug - would love to know where you got it.

  5. You can find my post on the rug here: http://www.copycatchic.com/2011/04/big-buys-this-week.html
    And I LOVE it. It's soft, not stinky and doesn't shed. Couldn't be happier.

    You can find my post on the headboard here :)

    Reichel :)

  6. I actually think the rug is from Overstock

  7. the wicker chest at the foot of your bed seems really small; have you seen the gray/white chevron print storage bench at target.com? I realize you don't have much room there (I have the same problem, although I think our bedroom is smaller), but something longer (and perhaps taller). Thanks for a great blog.


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