Ikea Bekvam Stool Hack

The Ikea Bekvam stool is a toddler must-have. It’s the perfect sized, sturdy, little stool for tots to reach the sink, counter, light switch, closet clothes, etc. Arden has one in the front bathroom so she can reach the sink and wash her hands and brush her teeth.
When we first updated the front bath, I just painted part of the legs black. We’ve done a couple of more little updates to the stool since then.
Here’s the before:
Here’s the after:

Issue number One: When I posted the front bath update post a reader commented asking how we kept the stool from sliding around. At first we didn’t have a problem with that, but after some creative maneuvering on Arden’s end…we did. And for an easy solution? I picked up some Plasti Dip in black from Lowe’s and the Mr. literally dipped the legs right into the can. Voila! No more slippage.

Issue number two: The unfinished wood of the stool was kept getting stained from water and dirt. Not the prettiest sight to see. So a little more painting was in order. I used Valspar No VOC paint and primer in one in a semigloss white. It worked like a charm; water doesn’t seep into the unfinished wood and dirt stains wipe right up. Problem solved. And I think it looks cuter too!

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10 thoughts on “Ikea Bekvam Stool Hack

  1. wow what a great transformation. I can't believe that your husband was able to get such a straight line by just dipping the leg in the can! I have always wanted to try that stuff, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi,

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