Ranch House Redo | A Pantry Update

A little pantry update was long overdue in this house. The kitchen pantry was a mish-mash of mismatching shelving and no organization whatsoever. When we moved in I just shoved things into the pantry and never looked back. Not a good system for finding things that’s for sure.

My Lowe’s Creative Ideas mission for November was to organize and update your kitchen or panty. I was happy to hop on the pantry bandwagon. Here is the pantry before in all of its awfulness….scary I know.


Now for some fun after pictures….

I painted the whole pantry a fun shade of teal using some mis-tints from the paint at Lowe’s. I love buying mis-tints, I usually hit that area up first every time I visit Lowe’s. You never know what goodies you’ll find. And what’s great is the blue teal color tied into the blue mason jars I already had. I love when things fall into place like that!

I also lined the shelves with brand new bright white shelving liner to freshen it up a bit. I also did some reorganizing. I moved coffee and tea over to the top shelf. Before it was in a cabinet right above the oven and every time we used the oven everything above it would get baked. Now we just store mugs and travel mugs in that space, so no harm no foul.

I bought some great reusable jars and containers for our usual suspect pantry items like nuts, grains, rice, flour, sugar etc. I used black contact paper and cut out round circles to use as labels. I just label things with a white chalkboard pen. *Whoops, just realized that my cornflakes are labeled “Fruity O’s”! Ha! Oh well, not everything is fail-safe, huh? 😉

I also moved the “snack” shelf down to the 2nd to bottom shelf so that way Arden can access it whenever she wants to. I bought easy to open plastic containers for things like cookies, crackers, etc. She loves being able to open the cabinet by herself and see what food is available for her to munch on. And it makes Momma’s life a little easier too 😉

I bought a clipboard and painted it with chalkboard paint so I could keep track of what I bought at the grocery store for the week. It’s mounted to the inside of the pantry door. After we’ve eaten something I just do a quick swipe and erase that item. It helps the Mr know what’s available too, since I’m usually the one doing the grocery shopping. The clipboard part is great too, because I can use it to hold any coupons that I might want to use.

And there you go! My fun LCI project for November. It didn’t take a lot time to do and it was 100x worth the effort! The only thing I need now is a great basket for the bottom shelf to store my potatoes and squash and the like. Then the pantry will be 100% done. Yay 🙂

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  1. Looks great! Can you share where to purchase containers and jars and whatever else you have shown for organizing? Thanks!

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