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  1. Reichel,

    what a pretty blog! just found you and will definitely be back to read more. 🙂

    as for the West Elm vs. less expensive silverware: I want what I want. So for Christmas I got a job at Williams-Sonoma, which meant a 40% discount. Oh, yeah, and they own West Elm, so the discount applied there as well. So that was my "clever" way to be able to afford some nicer things. (Is this the part where I tell you I worked at WS for the next 4 years because I could not bare to quit and lose my discount?)


    1. Are you happy with your WE set?? I want to get them but have gone through 2 sets since my wedding which was only a few months ago. So many sets are cheap feeling or cheaply made and I will not keep them.

  2. Just ordered 4 sets! I've been looking for silverware like this for years, but never wanted to pay the price. Thanks!!!

  3. This is the first time I've seen a miss. Both sets look alike in photos, but not at all in person. The cheaper is a very clunky version of West Elm's, with none of the fluidity that makes the original so lovely. Replicating good flatware patterns seems very difficult–I wonder why?

  4. Hi, I'm Dinielle. I actually did the same as MOV. I worked for William Sonoma for about three years. I bought three sets of West Elm's Promendade. When you open the box, a piece of paper certifies that is made by Cambridge Silversmiths, and it's warranty. When looking on Replacements.com, the Annalise is what popped up. I assure you they are the same thing, except the print on them. One says west elm, one says Cambridge Silversmith. If it's a copy, I have to wonder why they'd go through the process of making a second mold, when it is the same manufacturer!

  5. Sorry, it is supposed to say "its" not "its". Also, I bought a few sets of Annalise for my work, so I've felt them both.

    MOV- I stayed at PB for about a year and half too long bc I had to make sure I bought everything I could possibly want! I think my mission was accomplished.

  6. Quick update on this: as Sambadoll, I had purchased the west elm version 2 or 3 years ago. It also had a piece of paper in the box saying the manufacturer was Cambridge. I really liked this set so I wanted to get more, I bought again, fromWest Elm and, surprise, it's not made by Cambridge anymore but 'made in Cina'. Comparing with my older West Elm Cambridge set you can spot slight differences. I'll send them back and I'll buy the real Cambridge version at Walmart, for half the price, mind you…

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