Male & Female Bust Vases

This post brought to you by: Nicole Lanteri from On My Agenda
How great is this find?! Here’s what Nicole had to say about it:
There has been a lot of buzz about the ceramic head planters that Joy of Oh Joy! had in her home on Secrets of a Stylist.   I was flipping through catalogs today and saw a less expensive ceramic head planter for $59 here at West End.  Definitely not as cute as the FloralArt ones (I love the details of the faces!) but still a better “budget” option.

FloralArt LA Male & Female Bust Vases = $300 (for both)
At West End’s Ceramic Head = $59

6 thoughts on “Male & Female Bust Vases

  1. yes, i remember seeing those on that show..I wanted them soo badly. I had no idea that they were so expensive! Thanks for finding a less expensive version!!

  2. Hi there,
    I was looking for these head vases for the last 3 months.They were to expensive at FloralArt LA, but guess what: yesterday I found them in Brooklyn, NY for $100/piece or $180 if you buy the couple.I bought them, they are GORGEOUS!Best quality, ceramic glazed, amazing. And I didn't have to pay for shipping(Floral Art asked 300 for both + shipping almost 65…).I took the phone number and email from the seller, so let me know…I took pictures also…
    Gina from

    1. Do you know who makes them? And could you tell me the name of the store? I've been wanting to get these for years, but they remain $300 on FloralArt LA…

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