Jayson Home Workshop Cage Lights

I love these funky industrial hanging lights. Just perfect for the laundry room, like my friend Teri's (La Dolfina) fabulous laundry room! They are perfectly rustic and yummy ;) 

Teri's Laundry Room on Rate My Space

Jayson's Workshop Cage Lights = $195 ea

Anthropologie's Mechanic Beacon Lights = $148 ea

If you'd like more than one try this option!

Shades of Light Industrial Cage Work Light Chandelier (set of 5) = $415
Or if you'd prefer just one, try this:

Hudson Goods Metal Flower Cage Pendant = $119 (sale)


  1. Absolutely love the Shades of Light set!

  2. Hi Reichel!
    So surprised to see my laundry room gracing your fabulous blog:)
    How are you these days anyway?
    I still owe you lunch and have the perfect place to take you here in Alameda! Please give me a day you are free and be really hungry and prepared to fall in love with my new favorite eatery. You will want to go back the next day with your hubby, I promise,it's that good!!!

  3. Beautiful laundry room! Where did you find the wall lettering? Or was it painted? Great touch!

  4. I love these. I have one in my house. I actually got mine from here: http://www.whiteflowerfarmhouse.com/new_TheFarmhouseShop.html

    at $115

  5. Love these cage lights!

    And i wish my laundry room looked like that!

  6. I want to st start a blog called rusticandyummy.com. ;)

    Beautiful lighting!

  7. I love all of these lights. I recently decided I wanted one, but couldn't allow myself to spend that much money on something that appeared to be rather simple. So I set out to make my own. I found an antique egg basket, bought a hanging light cord from Ikea and fashioned an industrial looking light of my own. It isn't quite a chic as those on this page but it does the trick and it was under $20 total!

    PS Found this posting through the Making it Lovely Blog!

  8. The lights are sweet, but can you tell me about the table that sits below the Hudson Goods Metal Flower Cage Pendant?

  9. $20 is much better than $120-$200!

  10. I really want cage lights in my office. I've burned myself multiple times from chicken lamps. 200 bucks is a bit much but it would be worth it for safely and beauty. Florescent lights are super bad for you. You want to stick with incandescent or at the worse case halogen lights.


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