copycatchic e-design | what to expect, fees and services
room design $500
great rooms $800
bathroom/entryway/hallway $300
changes, additions or substitutions after final round $100/hr


You will receive
design board
room layout
source list


Let’s begin
step 1 complete the design questionnaire
step 2 email us pictures of your space
step 3 email us measurements of your space with a layout
step 4 send your payment here


The Process

You will then be added to the design schedule and emailed a project start date. If you haven’t received an emailed response from us within 3 business days of submitting your payment & questionnaire, please check in!

Your room design will take about a week to complete. We will contact you with any questions we have through email, otherwise we will proceed with your design using your completed questionnaire and any other emails you have already sent us.


You will receive your completed room design by the end of that work week give or take. Multiple rooms will take two weeks and each additional room (aka entryway or bathroom) will take another week, so please plan accordingly! Also, be sure to add any and all information you’d like us to know about a week before your design start date so we can have ample time to incorporate it into the design!


After receiving your completed design, you can make one round of corrections. Please note which products, paint colors, ideas you don’t think will work and we will update your design board and source list to reflect those changes. Any changes, additions, substitutions after that is an additional fee. Design services are non-refundable. We reserve the right to cancel at anytime and will give you a full refund of your payment.