Restoration Hardware Vintage Light String

This post is brought to you by: Lolo from The Adventures of Stig & Lolo. I'm headed to Target now. Lolo said she bought 3 boxes. I probably will too....

Restoration Hardware Vintage Light String


target smith and hawken string lights (wasn't able to find online!)


  1. Bought a home near my home, walking distance, to use as office & guest cottage.

    Decided this morning it must have its own iron/ironing board vs. sharing mine. Target was the destination.

    NOW, I really have to go today !!

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Just found your blog. Keep up the great info!!

  3. Not such a good deal - Ballard is $99.00 for a 50 foot string with 15 lights and Target Smith & Hawkins is $25.00 for a 10 foot string with 4 lights. Ballard is 25% less - also there will be no ugly connections.

  4. Yes Carol, I noted the lengths (and # of lights) in my email to Reichel.

    However, Ballard charges you additionally for the light bulbs (another $30!) Not to mention the lightbulbs are "special order" - aka you have to wait longer to receive them. Also, you will have to pay a delivery fee with Ballard of additional $27 for one set of lights/bulbs!
    Thats a total cost for one strand at $155. (you can get 6 strands of Targets for less than that price).

    Additionally, I personally like the Smith & Hawken lights because the distance between each light is alot closer together than the Ballard ones (roughly 3 1/2" apart for Ballard vs. a little over 1' apart for Smith&Hawken).

    And, the lights are at Target, meaning you can go and buy them and instantly put them up like I did :)

  5. Sav-on-crafts has a version of this for 80.00, for 24 lights. They sell the globe lights with these for $25, although the medium sized edison bulbs would likely work as well.


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