Copy Cat Chic is hiring!

***Thanks to EVERYONE that applied! I've received an overwhelming amount of (talented) applicants and I'm no longer accepting applications!***

I'm looking for a paid intern/assistant. I have some new projects in the pipeline will be expanding the blog, so I'll need a little behind-the-scenes help! I need someone with a passion in interior design who's creative, stylish, knowledgeable about the lastest home trends and online research savvy. You should be a (home-related) online shopping expert who is a self-professed deal hunter. You can work from home, which means you'll need to have a reliable computer, dependable internet and good time management skills. Pay is project based with a schedule of approximately one project a week right now. You can make your own hours as long as the projects are completed on time. Project consistency will grow depending on your skill and turn-around time, so entrepreneurial drive and hard work ethic is a must!
- Willingness to learn and to take (constructive) suggestions
- Friendly personality via email
- Extremely dependable and driven
- Loves following home design trends and the shelter industry
- Basic skills in Illustrator and Photoshop a PLUS!
No portfolio needed in order to apply, but you'll need to show me how you're the right person for the job. You can be creative! Or links to your portfolio/pinterest/tumblr/blog/resume/cover letter/etc. will work as well :) Please do not send email attachments or online photo albums that require an account to view (ahem Shutterfly). Tell me about yourself and why you'd like to be a part of the Copy Cat Chic team! I will update this post when the position has been filled. Thank you!

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  1. Love it! What a awesome opportunity. I will email you this weekend. :-)

    1. "an" - oops! Still learning to type on this darn iPhone :-)

  2. I'm SO excited about this opportunity! Having dinner with friends tonight, and then I'm coming home to put the kids to bed so I can apply. Super-pumped!

  3. I tried emailing you and it was sent back. Boo! Can you confirm your email address? Thanks!!!

  4. What a great opportunity - I just emailed you my "application"... fingers crossed!!


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