Simple Yet Elegant Holiday Decor

 I decided to keep the holiday decorations nice and simple this year. Last year I crafted it up and went homemade. This year? Pretty, simple and natural. 

I recently joined the Lowe's Creative Ideas team and I was able to get everything I needed all in one place, Lowe's. Anything to make the holidays less hectic, right? The Lowe's Creative Ideas blog is great to follow, by the way, there's a lot of fun (and easy) DIY ideas, you guys should check it out. Or you can follow them on Facebook too, whichever is easier.

This month to get into the holiday spirit, Lowe's offered to donation $100 to a charity of my choice!
I decided I'd like to donate to the United Pegasus Foundation. UPF has become one of the largest thoroughbred retirement, rehabilitation and adoption organizations, saving hundreds of former racehorses from slaughter by giving them a humane and deserved retirement.

Thank you Lowe's for your generous donation! What a thoughtful way to celebrate the holidays!

Now onto the holiday decor!

 We went with a small tree this year, a 4.5 foot Noble Fir from our nearest Lowe's. Isn't it cute? We figured there will be plenty of time to go all out with the decorations, but we're taking advantage of the fact that Arden won't notice this year ;) 

Once we set up the tree and I added some energy efficient LED lights, I decided to not add ornaments. Doesn't it look nice just how it is? It's pretty petite so I thought that adding ornaments might overwhelm it.

I added a fresh garland on the mantel and just went with plain, white, velvet stockings.

I also added some fresh garland along the top of the wall and a fresh wreath in the dining room.
To the table I added a gorgeous pot of ivory poinsettias.

I have some leftover garland that I'm thinking of adding to the chandelier too. Like I did last year.

That's pretty much it! We have some more garland and a wreath outside, but pretty much stuck to the basics. We're not hosting this year so it's nice to have the holiday decor be more understated.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Beautiful! It looks like a PB catalog, I'm so jealous :) I love how it looks "natural" but not "nuetral" like the rest of blogland.

  2. This looks gorgeous, Reichel! Your garland looks so much nicer than mine. Also, I love that wreath!

  3. Where did you get those GORGEOUS linen curtains from?!?!?


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