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Have you guys heard of Birch Lane? They launched not too long ago and I’ve even featured a couple of their products already. They’re like Pottery Barn’s younger (and less expensive sister) 😉 Their style is traditional, but in a modern way and their assortment has just the right amount of character. Oh, and their price point? So completely reasonable! Love that.

Birch Lane

When a new site featuring great prices comes on the scene, I hesitate just a teensy-tiny bit when it comes to talking about them on the blog. Why? Because I don’t have personal experience with their products, but I think you all know by now that I can’t give you a review on each and every product I feature (how awesome would that be?). I always let you know when I can personally vouch for a store or product.

Birch Lane Scroll Candle Sconce

BIRCH LANE scroll candle sconce

As for Birch Lane, I reached out to them because I wanted to see how the quality of their products matched up to their great prices. They offered to send me a product to review here on the website. I decided to pick these candle sconces. Ever since the stars came down, the TV wall in the playroom has looked a little barren. A pair of sconces would have fit the bill nicely, but we don’t have electrical running there. So these candle sconces came to the rescue.

Birch Lane Scroll Candle Sconce

They came nicely packaged with no damage. Always a plus when an item is glass 😉 The instructions on how to attach the lantern to the base were very easy to follow.

The sconces are deep bronze color with hints of brass. It looks like there is some distressing to give it a nice, aged look. Not something that’s described on the website, but I thought it looked nice. A touch of brass is always fun. You can see the finish better in the pic below.
The scroll bases attach to the wall with a couple of screws (not provided). I’d definitely recommend finding studs to screw into. Once hung, the lanterns were very secure, but also still a little moveable, since technically they’re hanging from the scroll base.
I like how they help draw attention away from the TV. Before, it was one big, gray wall with nothing but a TV to catch your eye. This is much better, wouldn’t you agree? 

Here are a couple of more Birch Lane products I had my eye on. I’m still debating on getting those throw pillows…they might have to be mine.

Birch lane edie pillow cover




BIRCH LANE handled storage basket



BIRCH LANE portland pendant


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