Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Chic Vanity

Happy Friday! I was digging around in my old inspiration files and came across this photo of this so-chic-it-hurts vanity area from the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Rue (if anyone can find the link to the original story PLEASE post it in the comments for me!). 

While the chair is the first piece that caught my eye, the more I look, the more I realize how in love I am with every element of this vignette. I think it’s such a grownup and sophisticated way to style a vanity. I could (and very well may) put this in my house and not have Jake complain about it being too girly, or on the other hand feel like I have to compromise on the femininity of the space. It’s also a design that can transition easily depending on your needs–this could be a place to sit down and pay bills, a spot to check your lipstick before heading out, or a place to throw down all your bags after a long day. In a smaller space, you could even use it as a work space, a sideboard or a bar area to hold cocktails and snacks–whatever your needs, this setup is always a chic multitasking solution.

That said, this small space is an expensive one–that Arteriors chair alone is $2,000! I didn’t have much luck trying to find a cheaper option in the same style, so I pulled some links for other solutions that I think, depending on your needs and your use of the space, can make a similarly stylish statement (12, 3, 4 and 5). Another place to save money is on the mirror. If you aren’t picky about the shape but like the black scroll details, IKEA’s Ung Drill can’t be beat on price; if you prefer something without the ornate details, this is also a great modern option. And if you’re looking for a really unique filigree tray or some artwork to put in your frames, eBay and Etsy both have a lot of beautiful and well-priced listings.

console $379
chair $549
mirror $409
chandelier $180
lamp $150
wallpaper $49/roll
horse head hook $15
diptyque candle $30 (mini)
tray $30
gold frame $5 ea
black frame $5 each
hide $20 (this eBay seller has several for sale)
pink box $8


Happy hunting!

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