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my master bedroom update with new bedding and decor for less | copycatchic luxe living for less budget home decor and design

The master bedroom in this house has just stumped me. It’s not a difficult room to decorate…so it’s not the room’s fault 😉 But when we moved in a year ago, it became the dumping ground for random furniture and art that we didn’t have a good place for. We don’t spend any time in here, only when we’re sleeping or dressing, so it just hasn’t been on my mind as much. Although it wasn’t fun to cringe every time I walked into the room that’s for sure.

Usually when I think about a space, I get an “Aha!” moment, but I kept waiting…and waiting…and waiting. Nothing ever came to me. Until a whole year had passed. Talk about frustrating. I slowly added necessities to the room, like window shades, new pillows, etc. But nothing was helping me tie it together. Finally I decided to focus on the bedding and take it from there. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like too much matchy-matchy when it comes to furniture and I carry that over to bedding too. I love adding layers and texture to a bed because it’s usually the main focal point in a bedroom (obviously), so why not make it interesting? Right?