Ranch House Redo | Arden & Baby Deux’s Shared Room

Finally, the big reveal! Just in time for Baby Deux to arrive. He’s due this Thursday, which coincidentally, is also my birthday! I’m so excited to meet this little dude. I hope he doesn’t decide to arrive even later than big Sister, who was a week late. Arden is so excited to meet her baby brother. Every day she asks me if “Baby Brother is done yet?”. Too cute. I hope she’s just as excited to share her room with hime too 😉

For now you’ll have to be satisfied with the shared room pictures of the now shared toddler room and nursery. You can check out my inspiration for the room on this post.

In one part of the room, I’ve set up a little nursing corner with my new comfy Nurseryworks Empire rocker from Hayneedle. Love. You’ll recognize Arden’s old poster, lamp and nightstand from her toddler room. On the nightstand is an fun little “treasure box” from Land of Nod. The “No Whining” Print is from Urban Outfitters and the frame is from Ikea. The throw pillow you’ll recognize from this post.

We had to swap out Arden’s gorgeous antique scalloped front dresser for the ever-popular Ikea Hemnes. There’s just no beating the price, size and capacity on this thing, I swear. And it’s pretty nice to have drawers that easily open and close! One side holds Arden’s clothing and the other is Baby Deux’s, plenty of room for all.

This black beauty of a lamp you’ll recognize from Land of Nod, love the modern feel and small footprint. I found the chalkboard piggy bank at Target a few months ago. And the bunny vase and ceramic berry bin are from Anthropologie.

I’ve kept and reused Arden’s changer since they no longer have them for sale, which is a shame since the Cooshee changer is so amazeballs. It’s wipeable, waterproof and never cold on a baby’s skin. Here’s a similar concept from Keekaroo. The canvas art is from Land of Nod and will definitely catch baby’s attention! I also have this wire 3-layered bin to keep all the lotions and potions handy.


I love how this burlap US map from Land of Nod looks above Arden’s striped hooks. It’s on the wall right next to the closet, so when the closet is open it matches all of those burlap bins perfectly.

Now for Arden’s side of the room! She loves all shades of fuchsia and hot pink so I wanted to reflect that on her side. I love the iconic “For Like Ever” print in her favorite color and I feel like it can last until teen-hood and beyond. The Minnen bed is from Ikea and so is the striped blanket. The white and black dotted duvet and sham is from Biscuit Home and the pink sheets are from Pottery Barn Teen and they’re organic. The lettered throw pillow is from PBTeen as well. The mattress I’ll go into on another day, because it’s awesome and deserves a post of it’s very own. But it’s from The Futon Shop and it’s organic latex and wool with no flame retardants….awesomeness, I tell you!

For Baby Deux’s side of the room I went with mustard yellow accents for a more “manly” feel 😉 We used Land of Nod’s striped crib sheet and felt bin and we couldn’t forget a Jelly Lion! I thought the pirate pillow added a nice “boy” touch too. The mobile is from Arden’s nursery, you can find it on Amazon. The zebra is also from Amazon and is too cute. We’re going to write Baby Deux’s name on the vintage chalkboard above his crib, once we’ve decided on one!

On the wall between their two beds I hung up a few of these Ikea wall ledges to store their ever growing book collection.

The striped tent is from Duchess and Lion, but I’m not sure if she’s making them any longer. Land of Nod offers a similar one now. The sheepskin is from Ikea and you can find the pink dog lamp here.

I added the Morovian Star pendant from our old home’s entryway in here. I thought it added a whimsical touch and hopefully distracts the eye away from the sea of cottage cheese surrounding it.

Simple black shades adorn the windows – I didn’t want to get too fussy because the wall of books is right underneath the windows.

Oh and let’s not forget a necessary detail: If you’re going to have a Hemnes dresser it would be against the rules to use the original knobs 😉 These ones match the striped hooks on the wall. 

This vintage light switch faceplate is original to the room from my Mother-in-Law’s childhood when shared the room with her older sister. It was a dingy tan color and a fresh coat of black spray paint made it a little more fun and almost like it’s made of iron.

To see a collection of everything in the room and my inspiration you can visit my Keep.com board here!

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Ranch House Redo | A Shared Nursery Closet

Here’s a little shared room/nursery update for you guys…well, sort of. I’m soooo close to being done with the room, so stay tuned on that front. Today I figured I’d tease you all with a little glimpse on how I updated Arden and Baby Deux’s shared closet space.
I put together a little design board with my thoughts. I know, it might be a little bit of an overkill, but it really helps me visualize how a space will turn out in my head.

As you’ll remember from my last shared room post, I’m partnering with Land of Nod on some of the room decor. So you’ll see some Land of Nod goodies in here. Also, let me mention the removeable STRIPED black and white wallpaper. It’s AH-mazing you guys. Talk about peel-n-stick, no paint, no mess, no fuss. Love it. And it completely makes the closet, don’t you think?

Chasing Paper

It’s courtesy of Chasing Paper and it’s called Simple Stripe. The wallpaper is made of PVC-free fabric, printed with latex ink and uses a non-toxic adhesive. Which means no strange (aka toxic) smells at all and it’s good to go straight from the package right to your walls. It took me and the Mr. an hour and a half to install it. It was pretty painless, even for us 😉 And you can easily un-peel it and rehang if you end up installing it a little crooked *ahem* – not that we did that or anything.

Here’s a few boring “before” pictures:

First things first, the closet (and the whole room) received a couple of nice, new coats of paint. I used Lowe’s Valspar Ultra Paint and Primer In One because it’s no VOC and has great coverage. I had Lowe’s mix it up in Benjamin Moore’s Decorators White.

After that we added a couple of my go to closet shelves from Lowe’s. They’re only $12.99. That’s less than the price of most decorative storage bins! They really help differentiate Arden’s side of the closet and Baby Deux’s. 

I used these adorable black and white zig zag baskets from Land of Nod and they fit perfectly in the shelves. The green art caddy is from Land of Nod as well. It’s perfect to hold all of those little knick knacks that come along with newborns.

On Arden’s side of the closet, her dresses, coats, skirts are hanging from the original rod on these baby/toddler sized wooden hangers. They’re the same hangers that Mom and Dad use, but smaller. Love that. We use the hangers with clips for her skirts and when she was younger they were perfect for her dresses and matching kick-pants.

In the picture below, you can see how the wallpaper shows a bit of the texture from the wall behind it. It’s really not noticeable in person, but it’s accentuated by the camera flash, but obviously the wallpaper would probably work best on flat walls. Also in this picture you can see the slight seam where one panel of the wallpaper meets the other, it’s barely noticeable.

On the shelf above the hanging rod, I used these adorable Land of Nod numbered bins. I keep extra swaddles and diapers for the new baby as well as pull-ups for Arden’s during nighttime and naps. And on the very top shelf I have a couple of striped bins from the Container Store that hold extra toys.
The clothes hamper is from Land of Nod and I love how the grass texture plays off the burlap of the numbered bins. And the step stool from Ikea is Arden’s favorite. It’s light enough for her to pick it up and move where ever she needs it, whether to turn on a light switch or reach a higher shelf.

Baby Deux’s side is still pretty empty, but I’m sure that will change when he arrives! Right now he only has a couple of cold weather bunting suits hanging. We’re ready for the cold weather here in California 😉

Right now we have the heater standing by as well as an extra pack-n-play. Oh and Arden’s overnight bag for her sleepovers at Grandma’s. The top shelf holds an extra toddler potty and a humidifier for those sick nights.

I love opening this closet now, it’s so organized and coordinated. I just wish all of the closets in this house were just as pretty! And the closet coordinates with the rest of the nursery, so if I leave the doors open it actually looks good. Might have to remove the doors…still debating on that.

To see all of the products I’ve used so far in Arden and Baby Deux’s room and closet check out my Keep board!

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Ranch House Redo | A Shared Room

Just two months to go and Baby Deux arrives! It’s definitely high time we get this nursery in order! I’m striving for a space that is neutral, calming with clean design. This is what I have in mind for the baby’s space:

That’s what his nursery would look like if he had a room all to himself, BUT we’ve decided to have Arden and the baby share a room. A little scary, but I’m thinking it will be a good thing…eventually. Besides it’s really nice having a spare room for guests! So we’ll try it out for now. And if you follow me on Instagram, I posted a little peek of the progress!
Basically I’m going to keep all the bigger items neutral and the walls white. Baby’s side will have splashes of gold and yellow and Arden’s side will have pops of hot pink and fucshia. That way they each have a presence in what would otherwise be a very neutral room.
Here’s what I’m thinking for Arden’s side:
pink LAMP $165
When I was searching for color I went straight to Land of Nod. I’m so excited to be collaborating with them on this space. They have such a huge selection of fun, modern and colorful furniture and accessories for kids. I knew they would have some great inspiration for me. Especially since I had such a mental block with this room. Seriously, for months I had no idea where to go with the direction. Thankfully after spending long periods of time surfing the Land of Nod site, I finally came up with some ideas!

I used Land of Nod’s bedding as my inspiration for both sides of the shared room. The goldish yellow in the crib sheet really helps warms up all of the black and white going on. And Arden’s favorite color is hot pink, so those neon pink sheets were a no brainer. Now all that’s left is to combine the two in one room…easy, right? 😉

To see the complete list of  items I had in mind for the room check out my Keep collection right here.

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Our Home | Arden’s Toddler Room

It’s been awhile since you’ve seen Arden’s room. And actually, you haven’t seen it since we’ve moved! Arden’s been growing, growing, growing and so her room has had to grow a bit with her! Arden is such a character these days, it’s fun learning her quirky, little personality. One thing I’ve noticed is she loves patterns with black and white. So I figured it was time to give Arden’s room an update to suit her.

This is the room before we moved in. Yikes, right? Awful, awful colors. Look at little Arden crawling around 🙂 She wasn’t walking yet…so cute.

First things first, we PAINTED. We went with a classic white, Olympic no-voc paint in “Delicate White” from Lowe’s. I also used little removeable circle stickers to create a fun wall accent around her bed. Her reaction when she first saw it was priceless. Her little jaw dropped open and she ran right over and started picking at them : She’s since rearranged the dots every night! Little stinker 🙂

We also switched out her crib to a toddler bed that Grandma gave us (a local garage sale find). Free is always nice 😉  

We hung up the same black, velvet drapes that we used in the master bedroom. They’re such a good deal and they help keep the room warm by insulating the drafty windows. We made it a little more fun by using this this cute bird window hardware. Arden loves it, every time she looks at one of the birds she crows. Adorable.

Her night stand, lamp and birdie friend are still here from her original nursery. The nightstand is the perfect place to store her “nighttime” books.

We hung the striped hooks back up on the wall at toddler height, so she can hang up her own coats. And her little mini Cristof hangs out here too.

I’m still breastfeeding, for now (trying to hang in there until she’s two) so we still have a comfy rocker and a little remnant of her nursery peacock theme in this pillow 😉

Arden’s been potty trained for almost a month now, so we figured it was time to take out the diaper bin and take the changing pad off the dresser. Her personalized trophy cup and dog night light are right at home here. And we finally hung the awesome print we got as a gift for her birthday.

I found this charming, vintage chalkboard at the Alameda Antique Fair and had to hang it up too. I used these easy, peasy poster strips to hang the chalkboard and her wall print! Love ’em because you don’t have to leave any holes in the wall.

I love the original crystal door knobs, gorgeous aren’t they?

Hope you guys liked the tour of Arden’s toddler room! Thanks for tuning in 🙂

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