Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Darling Blush Girl’s Room

 A sweet blush girl's bedroom designed by Studio McGee gets recreated for less by copycatchic luxe living for less budget home decor and design room redos
TOTAL | $1,863
VALANCE $30 | BASKETS (3) $150 | PILLOW 1 $55 | PILLOW 2 $6 | PAINT | NIGHTSTANDS (EA) $237 OR THESE $449 | LAMPS (EA) $141 | BENCH $228 | DUVET $99 | BED $315 | RUG $168
This week’s room redo vote brings us another win for team Studio McGee! With a feminine, French-country feel, this girl’s room is just the sweetest space. The vintage-style rug and tufted bench are classic choices, while the nightstands and lamps bring in a modern vibe. The caned bed is my favorite piece in the space by far for its textural and historical feel. This style (see the original bed here) can be a budget buster, but here’s a clever DIY that would look just as darling painted in white!
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Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Glamorous Girls Room


Thanks again to everyone who voted in our latest Facebook poll! Pat yourselves on the back for picking this one, because it’s so glamorous it’s making my re-think my entire decorating philosophy and also maybe who I am as a person?? Anyway, I think this room would be so fun as a girls room, or even more so a grown-up dressing room. Like you and your girlfriends can go in there and lounge while drinking champagne and laughing, and you can try on all your shoes and pretend you don’t have to worry about pedestrian things like laundry or how you’re about to run out of aluminum foil…

In related and totally applicable to your actual life news, on my internet shopping journey for this room I was so pleased to discover the bevy of affordable glass drop chandeliers! I mean we really are spoiled for choice these days—you could literally go blind from researching all the options or at the very least have to wear those giant sunglasses the eye doctor gives you that look like you taped a roll of camera film to your face. I guess the main takeaway is to stay safe out there y’all, you never know when an incredibly affordable glamorous chandelier will rob you of your eyesight.

Secondly, this wallpaper is haunting my dreams. I don’t think it would ever make an appearance in my own home, so of course it’s all I think about now. But I think you have a lot of other affordable options if you’re ready for a bold wallpaper. The pattern repeat on the one in the photo is 4.25″, so I’ve chosen one in the same size for the redo below with the same colorway that will still read as almost a solid when installed (I made the pattern bigger for the redo so you can see it better). That said, don’t be afraid to go for something different–this room is already crazypants busy, so you do you.

And finally, the canopy! I think you could do something as basic as building a small wooden frame that attaches directly to the ceiling for the top portion (covered by fabric), and mounting a small curtain rod in there for the drapery pieces. If you wanted to adapt it to something more structured, you could DIY a pelmet or cornice board the same way that you would for a window, and then mount curtains inside. There are a ton of tutorials online (1, 2, 3), and they mostly involve building a plywood box topped with batting and fabric, and then attaching it with mounting hardware to the wall. The curtains can be made from the same fabric as the canopy.

daybed $411
ottoman $400 or this one which might even be the original.
zebra rug $170
chandelier $429
Mirror $59

Magenta pillow $30
Lamb pillow $69

wallpaper $60/roll

pink ikat fabric $49/yd
linen fabric $16/yd
black grosgrain ribbon $2/roll


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Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Super Fun Teen Room

I hope everyone had a super NYE and that 2015 is off to a great start! Today’s room is a super fun teen girl’s room that I would have LOVED back in my own teen years, and I’m so glad everyone voted for it in our Copy Cat Chic Facebook poll! It came in a close second to the Equestrian Office, so we figured we’d do both!

It’s just so bright and happy, with lots of pieces that can grow up with a teenager and/or eventually transition to a guest room or go with her to college. The uber-affordable headboard would be right at home in just about any bedroom, and everyone can always use more seating options with those ottomans! Of course this wouldn’t been a teenager’s room without pops of Tiffany blue and hot pink, which keep the room youthful and age-appropriate. It’s a great example of how you can spend money on paint and a few strategic “teen” items while keeping the rest of the room pretty neutral.

If you’re up for a DIY project, any dresser or nightstand you have around the house will be a perfect candidate for a coat of magenta paint (or choose this desk if you’re looking for an instant solution!). You can also frame pretty wallpaper or gift wrap samples to create instant art, along with the random cool pieces your teen brings home from their art class (I noticed when I was home for Christmas that my parents still have all my misshapen clay bowls from my days as a wayward art student!). Not to mention that they almost certainly have a horde of brilliant creative friends who would be more than happy to whip up something special for their blank walls. Above all, this room is a reminder that a home should be a reflection of who lives there–teens are loud, frustrating, bold, fearless, annoying, know-it-all fun factories and they deserve rooms that, at least for a few years, reflect those perfect few years when they’re learning who they are and what sort of people they’re going to be. After all, it will be a long time before they have bills of their own and grown-up images to maintain, so they may as well take advantage of all that hot pink while they can 😉

headboard $149
pink chest $300
rug $150
love sign $200
lamp $30
ottoman $79 (set of 2)
duvet $79
chandelier $182
pink blanket $19 
tray $25

Thunderbird by Benjamin Moore


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