Home Trends | White and Wood Kitchen

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My favorite white and wood kitchen essentials from World Market for keeping your kitchen clean, organized & looking pretty. copycatchic luxe living for less

I’ve been a huge nesting kick lately, kon maring everything in site. I think it’s my idea of lightening up for summer. One of my main tasks? Clearing out and organizing the kitchen. As you know, my kitchen is pretty small, so our cabinets get crammed pretty fast and easily. I culled all of the useless kitchen tools that we no longer use, as well as the old and just downright ugly. Only keep what you love, right? Thankfully World Market makes it super easy (and affordable) to outfit the kitchen with good looking and reasonably priced kitchen essentials. As you can tell from my picks, I’m all about white and wood. Nothing better for getting your kitchen looking warm and clean!