Designer Destination | Little River Inn Mendocino

Designer Destination: The Little River Inn on the Mendocino Coast. Ocean views, beachfront, spa and golf, train rides | travel by copycatchic
This post in partnership with the Little River Inn.

A couple of weeks ago we took a little family road trip up the coast to a great Northern California beach town called Mendocino. There’s just something about the NorCal coast that just calls to me. The beaches are so wild and rustic compared to your typical California beach. The rocks, bluffs, trees and plants are so gorgeous up here. We stayed at this great historic hotel called the Little River Inn. In fact, they’ve been in operation since 1939 with the same family! Innkeeper Cally Dym is the fifth generation owner along with her husband, Executive Chef Marc Dym. The inn has a notable guest history as well, from Ronald Reagan to James Dean (while filming East of Eden).  It’s situated right off of Highway 1, on the bluff right above the beach. The view is seriously stunning, it doesn’t get any better.

2016 Gift Guide | Holiday Gifts for Children

Well it’s the tail end of Cyber Monday and I figured I’d post this right under the wire 😉 Have you gotten a lot of Christmas shopping under your belt today? I have to admit, I really caught the bug this year. Maybe it’s because there are SO. MANY. GOOD. SALES! What about you? Did you get anything good?

Here are some super fun picks for the little ones in your life! A little something for everyone….

Christmas gifts for children | Copy Cat Chic favorites for 2016 for those cute kids holiday season! | Luxe living for less | modern and minimalist toys

How adorable is this nightlight? I like how you can move it where ever you need to and not have to worry about a plug.
Wish they made these full sized!
A modern piggy back to earn those dollars 😉
4 | walkie talkies
Perfect way to talk to your bestie or siblings.
5 | osmo
A high tech and interactive way for kids to play and learn.
6 | light box
I know any kid would love this AND it’s such a great price!
Let them create a masterpiece. Makes the perfect art piece to hang in their room.
A perfect playroom addition.
This one is vintage and oh so cute!
10 | desk
Great for learning and crafting and playing.
11 | rain cloud
The perfect bath toy and just too cute to resist.
Wooden blocks of our city from Once Kids Wanderlust. Love it.
Fun to play with and it looks chic too! Win, win.
14 | deer pjS
Comfy pajamas like these are bound to be a hit.
You have to admit this model shark is pretty darn cool. Conrad approves!
16 | ride on
A modern and unique version of a ride on toy. Now this is something both the parent and child would enjoy having at home 😉

Christmas gifts for children | Copy Cat Chic favorites for 2016 for those cute kids holiday season! | Luxe living for less | modern and minimalist toys

For more holiday gift inspiration you can see my gift guides for women, men, pets and tech!

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Copy Cat Chic Review | The Clek Fllo

I wanted to talk more in depth about the Clek Fllo that we have for Conrad. We started off with the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 for Arden, but when it came time for Conrad to graduate from his infant carseat, we wanted to try something different. I wanted something a little more eco-friendly, streamlined and just easier to use. That’s where Clek came in. We originally thought we’d go with a Clek Foonf for him, but then Clek released the Fllo! 
The Fllo has most of the same features of its big brother the Foonf:
– narrow width
– fully recyclable
– anti-rebound bar
– Crypton Super Fabric
– rear facing until 50 lbs
– forward facing until 65 lbs
– free of BFRs* and CFRs** on the Crypton fabric seats

With just a few notable differences:

– less expensive
– no rigid latch system
– weighs 28lbs (the Foonf is 38lbs)
– sits slightly lower than the Foonf
– has 1 forward-facing recline position (the Foonf has 2)

*brominated fire retardants
** chlorine-based flame retardants

To find out more the Clek website has this handy comparison chart.

We loved Conrad’s Fllo so much that we decided to upgrade Arden to a Clek as well. We have two cars and in order to make things a little easier we figured we should have at least three carseats. So when I saw a deal on Amazon for a Clek Foonf I jumped on it and got Arden a pink one 😉 She was absolutely thrilled.

I was a tad worried about the pink color because Arden climbs up into her seat herself which means lots of shoe action going on. The fabric is removable, but isn’t machine washable so it needs to be spot cleaned. And you know what? I haven’t had to clean it, not even once! Shocking, right? That green guard Crypton fabric is magic, I tell you.

Oh and did I mention how much happier Conrad is in his Fllo? It’s so much easier buckling him in now. He loves being up high and seeing everything. They can even hold hands now 😉 Love it. Here area few pictures of them in their new car seats.

And just so you can get a better idea of how the fit, here’s a few pictures of the car seats without the littles.

We have a Toyota Prius V by the way, and you can see how much room there is. If need be, I can sit in between the two car seats with a seat belt on too!

You can see the height differences in the two seats really well here. Keep in mind that the headrest on Arden’s Foonf is set higher to accommodate her height.

We are super happy with our new Clek car seats and they really work so much better for us. The Clek car seats are definitely an investment, but I think it’s worth it. With their combination of eco-friendliness, safety features and great design – it’s just one of those things I’m willing to spend a little more on. I’d love to know what features you guys were most interested in when buying carseats for your children! And who out there has tried a Clek? What did you guys think?

I was not paid to write this post, but I was given the Clek Fllo above to use and share an honest opinion. Thanks for supporting Copy Cat Chic and our generous sponsors like Clek.

Conrad’s 1st Birthday

Conrad turned one last weekend! We had a small birthday with mostly just family. He was the only baby there. Quite a difference from Arden’s first birthday! Ha. I wanted to go all out for Conrad’s as well, but with his birthday, my birthday, the holidays, work and some travel – things have been pretty crazy this month.

I actually had no idea what I was going to do until a week before. I found this adorable shirt on Etsy and things kind of went from there. Thank god for Amazon prime!

garland | crown | star ballooncraft paper runner
with white star stamps | shirt | star napkins
forks | cupcake wrappers | cups | pants | plates | berry cups 

We served Conrad’s favorites: homemade mac & cheese (kept warm in a crockpot), homemade panko crusted chicken nuggets, mini quiches, small easy to eat veggies, berries, cheese & crackers, etc. 

I made a smash cake (can you tell?). It was all organic chocolate cake, whipped cream and raspberries. We also had burnt almond cupcakes (the Mr’s fave) and vegan black bottom cupcakes (my fave) by Erin’s Edible Indulgences in these cute tulip cupcake wrappers.

The runner was made using kraft paper and a star stamp.
The only family picture we managed to get, slightly blurry, but beggars can’t be choosers 😉 I’m just happy we actually got one!
Here’s a video of us singing happy birthday and you can watch and see how much he enjoyed his birthday cake 😉
He was a big fan of his party balloons. He walked around carrying them everywhere!
A few of his favorite birthday gifts 🙂

Conrad Weekly | 32 Weeks

Here’s the Mr. Man from 4th of July! We’ve got teeth! Or a tooth, I should say. Bottom center 🙂 Also, this boy enjoys a good cruising. He’s one mobile little dude, that’s for sure.

He’s wearing my old shirt AND shorts. Thanks Mom for saving so many of my old clothes. You rock! And why is it that vintage clothes are so much cooler and less gender-specific? Baby clothing was much better before all of this pink and blue segregation, don’t you think? And don’t get me started on character/logo clothing….

To see all of Conrad’s weekly pictures click here and you can see Arden’s here. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Copy Cat Chic!