Copycatchic Room Redo | Sunny Breakfast Nook

I love the idea of squeezing in a little breakfast nook where ever you can. It’s such a clever, and creative way to use your space. Immediately my eye was drawn to this sunny space, that gold moroccan pendant is hard to miss! I especially love how relaxed and happy this area feels. Surely a happy place to start your day, wouldn’t you say?
Even if you don’t have the ability to do a built in seat like this, consider a bench that’s similar dimensions, or an old church pew from a salvage or antique store. The idea is to think out of box!
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table $500
chairs $143 for 2
pendant $164
rug $300 
(because we all know that tile is going to take us way over $2,000 😉
bench $80
spoon art $20
pink art $150

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Copycat Chic Room Redo | A Cheerful New England Living Room

Many of you may have seen this room bounce around Pinterest this week. You certainly did if you follow me, as I pinned this entire happy house, featured in this months issue of Domino. I couldn’t resist. As one who mostly prefers neutral colors, I was surprised at how drawn I was to this colorful space and found myself saying- this is color done right. It makes me happy, but still feels peaceful and relaxing. I love the quirky elements, like the unexpected art, and use of pink, mixed with tailored accents like greek key trim, and lots of symmetry. It feels just right to me.

sofa $1,099
rug $298
brown pillow (2) $10
pink pillow (2) $42
drapes $59 (per panel)
side tables (2) $60
lamps (2) $99

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Copycat Chic Room Redo | Desert Room Retreat

Happy Friday! I sure hope you’re feeling a bit of spring where you are, and if you aren’t I think this warm desert bedroom will surely leave you dreaming of the sun. It evokes such a comforting warmth, don’t you think? I think it has all my dream room elements: vaulted beamed ceilings, steel doors, pretty muted tones, simple lines, and lush comfortable linens. It was designed by the talented team at Richard Lane | Ryan Street & Associates, and is high on my list of favorite rooms ever!

headboard $340
chandelier $224
sconce $50 (x2)
quilt $100
lumbar pillow $62
jute rug $199
kars rug $663
drapes $49
dresser $80
chair $329
throw $60
lamp $100


(this room was just too neat not to go a tad over my $2,000 goal, right?:)

Copycat Chic Room Redo | Layered Living Room

When you hear the words layered in the design world your mind might immediately go to a space that is colorful, yes? Well my favorite way to layer a space, especially my own, is with neutrals. It’s really a no fail policy if you want that clean and serene feel without it feeling like the land of beige. You can’t argue with a room like the one below!

When I saw this gorgeous room on Pinterest I examined every detail. Velvet, linen, jute, wool, shag. Then also white, cream, carmel, tan, and not to mention all the mix of woods and metals. It sounds like a lot going on, but it all works so beautifully because it’s all neutral and very simple. What a gorgeous backdrop for that fiddle leaf too. An absolute stunning space! 

If you’ve been pining after that Moroccan rug for some time now get it now! It’s 70% on RugsUSA for Presidents Day. I happen to have the exact one and love it!

Jute Rug $160
Wool Rug $170 *with code PRES70
Coffee Table $60
Sofa $399
Arm Chair $199
Ottoman $149
Floor Lamp $70
Side Table $200
Accent Chair $343
Planter $120
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree $155
Drapes $40 (x4)
Art $75
Pillow $89
Pillow $75


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Copycat Chic Room Redo | Bohemian Bedroom in Spain

Doesn’t Ibiza, Spain sound so dreamy right now? Ahh. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my inspiration for this week’s redo is a bohemian bedroom in Spain. It’s just that time of year when one must wanderlust right? The entire home is an absolute dream, inside and out, but I especially love how the bedroom, even though fresh and white, still feels very cozy and warm. Now if we could all just have that walk out patio, right?

bed $399 
throw $42
rug $695
chair $360
nighstand $108
pot $8
plant $20
vase $30
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