Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Classic Neutral Living Room

TOTAL | $3,410
SOFA $739 | RUG $697 | CHAIR 1 $330 | CHAIR 2 $297 | COFFEE TABLE $120 | SIDE TABLE $154 | BOOKCASE $170 | LAMP $160 | MIRROR $356 | POUF $157 | PILLOWS (EA) $88 | CANDLE HOLDER $54
This light-filled living room has gotten so much Instagram love…a room redo must be in order! Designed in a flash by Alaina Kaczmarski (co-founder of The Everygirl) upon moving into her new Chicago home recently, this space is a soothing oasis in the midst of a big transition. The neutral palette is divine, each piece mixing and mingling with ease. A little old (the antique-style mirror and Louis chair) plus a little new (those Kelly Wearstler pillows, spine bookcase, and geometric candle holder) equals a whole lot of design goodness. Now if only we could get in on that working fireplace!
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  1. i was wondering why I cannot access information regarding the sofa shown above–the link is not working. Thanks!

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