Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Exotic Art-Filled Living Room

An Exotic Art-Filled Living Room featured on Design Sponge and recreated for less by Copy Cat Chic
TOTAL | $2,487
sofa $829 | rug $320 | coffee table $740 | candle $90
 Once again I couldn’t help but give the runner up in this week’s contest a chance to shine as the race was almost too close to call! This beautiful, art-filled living room comes from across the pond as well and caught my eye on the always-inspiring Design*Sponge. The gallery of artwork rivals the gallery of pillows in this eclectic space, but keeping each color palette cohesive makes the look work so well. I especially love how the different mediums of art flow seamlessly in chic black and white. I could easily (and happily!) spend the entire budget on amazing coffee table books, but I thought it best to splurge on the amazing brass and acrylic coffee table instead!
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