Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Beachy Keen Office

How lovely would it be to glance up from your computer and escape to a sunny day at the beach? I imagine that’s exactly what Katie Hammond of 9SPR does from time to time in her gorgeous Los Angeles office space, as seen on Rue. Smart (and affordable!) double desks allow for plenty of workspace as well as a table to meet across. I love how the geometric pink rug adds both a graphic and feminine touch. No office would be complete without great task lighting, a plant to add a little life, and a motivational print to get Monday off to a strong start. Lesson learned: go find your beach, and hang it where you need it most!

desks (ea) $230
chairs (set of 2) $400
rug $199
lamp $129
photo $215
print $16
planter $20

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    1. Hi Pam- If you click on the world "desk" it's a link to the site where you can find them 🙂

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