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Maybe it’s the reappearance of school supplies in the grocery aisles and on every commercial break that has me gravitating towards well-designed workspaces lately. Summer weather is still going strong here in Austin (and will be at least until Thanksgiving), but nonetheless the time has come to stock up on office essentials that give productivity and creativity a boost. Let’s consider this whole workspace one of those essentials, shall we? Featured on Lonny, this elegant office has no shortage of style and is just the place I’d like to be found once vacation time is (sadly) over.

Parsons furnishings, like this bookcase and desk, are timeless pieces and the perfect backdrop for any style of decor. I love how this space turns the matchy-matchy taboo on its head and has so much visual interest without any accent colors. A Louis XVI-style chair is a sophisticated alternative to a traditional desk chair, and the muted art pieces add a lovely touch. Is it cool if I skip work in favor of working on this look for my home?

bookcase $250
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  1. The only problem with the calculations on price is you don't include the 100% shipping rate on the chair. Yes, the price of the chair is $249 and the shipping is an additional $249! Ridiculous!!

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