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Designing nurseries is always such a treat—there’s really no other room in a home whose design carries as much love and hope and good intentions as the one that a baby sleeps in. I keep finding that friends who otherwise care very little about designing their home will spend months agonizing over the right rug or a cute lamp for their nursery, such is the power of an otherwise tiny and helpless baby. Practically speaking, it also just makes good sense—the amount of time spent in that room would probably be staggering if anyone were to ever add it all up. Reichel has some helpful posts on nursery style and kids sharing rooms, and I’ve written before about spending your money wisely in a nursery. The basic nursery commandment is that you want to make sure that you’re buying pieces you can use for a long time, whether in future nurseries or children’s’ rooms.

To that end, we’ve got some great options for today’s room, designed by my perennial fave Sally Wheat. The very well-priced crib alone converts to three different types of beds, ensuring that you get every cent out of the price. The dresser is also a great buy: all you have to do is remove the changing pad after potty training, while the wardrobe can also be useful in the child’s bedroom as they age or transition to a hallway or guest room. The only splurge in this room would be the glider—although I don’t have kids, that seems to be the one nursery item that my friends all agree is worth spending more money on. It has to be big enough to allow room for both the parent and the baby and it has to be comfortable enough to fall asleep in…repeatedly. This is another piece that could also be transitioned to the living room as a regular furniture piece after the baby-raising days are done, so it makes sense to invest in a piece that will hold up for a long time. And if anyone else has any tips or truisms they’d like to share, please do so in the comments!

glider $799
crib $119
rug $270 (5×8)
wardrobe $350
dresser $80
pouf $80
lamp base $80
curtains $4 (per pair)


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