Stripes in the Backyard

After seeing the backyard outfitted with all of the great accessories (mostly borrowed) for the fun outdoor party we had a couple of weeks ago, I figured it was time to outfit the yard for reals. We had a great base set up with the furniture we’ve owned for years, so we added some new accessories for the new season.

We already owned the table, umbrella, chaise lounges and chaise pads. So I added a top layer of accessories to compliment them. Since the umbrella we already owned is black and white striped, I decided to go with that theme across the board. We started off with these two black and white striped bolsters for the chaises. They’re super comfy. I always end up using them as neck pillows when I lay down.

I added another ceramic stool in between the two chaises to make room for some pretty blooms.

We inherited these two plant stands with the house when we moved in. They were pretty rusty, so I cleaned them first with some clr rust remover and then freshened them up with some black spray paint. Much better.

I added some new white perennials all around the yard in new clay pots to add some softness to the hardscape in the yard. The lanterns were a great sale find at the end of the season last year at Lowe’s. What makes them awesome is that the candles are solar powered. The little panel at the top, under the handle is actually a solar charging panel. Very cool right? They work pretty well too!

To outfit the outdoor dining area I bought four of these black and white striped pillows that match the chaise bolsters and the outdoor umbrella.

As you all know, black and white stripes are my addiction these days, so I figured I’d carry out the them in the backyard too. What’s your favorite way to update your yard for Summer?

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10 thoughts on “Stripes in the Backyard

    1. Thanks Yolonda! Backyards…they're always a work in progress, aren't they? 😉

  1. Love it! I've done all I'm gonna do on my patio this summer! Still have a few pots to fill/plant, but that's about it. I ready to ENJOY it now!

    1. I think I got them from Hayneedle awhile back. They get damp, but dry very quickly 🙂

    1. The patio table & chairs were actually a craigslist find. Sorry that doesn't help much!

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