Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Serene & Worldly Entry

I don’t know about you, but when I [virtually] step into this space, I feel instantly calm and comfortable. There’s something about the smooth, creamy walls in that perfect warm white color, plus the patina of age on each piece makes it feel like nothing is too precious to enjoy. The designer, Christine Markatos Lowe, has a way with relaxed yet sophisticated homes that are welcoming and ideal for entertaining.

This entry feels collected over time from exotic travels. Antiqued glass, hammered iron, rich bronze, shiny brass, smooth wood, thick seagrass, and worn wool…can you believe how many textures and finishes this space mixes so beautifully? My version hopefully captures some of that worldly essence, but I have no doubt your favorite antique chair or mirror could easily fit right in. Remind me to save more room in my suitcase next time I travel!

rug $483
console $864
mirror $218
sconces $204
basket $89
chairs (set of 2) $115
bowl $13
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