Copy Cat Chic Redo | Modern Bachelor Bedroom

I just got back from visiting friends in Seattle a few weeks ago, and to be honest, mentally I’m still there. Between the weather and the food and waking up to an expansive view of Puget Sound every morning, I can assure you that the searing heat and bumper-to-bumper traffic of Austin doesn’t quite compare. So when I saw this spectacularly handsome and well-edited loft in the South Lake Union neighborhood, I almost quit my job (no I didn’t). But I did have the urge to sell almost all of my furniture so I could copy this whole look in my own house. (And the bedroom isn’t even the best part!)

I’m calling this ‘modern bachelor’ because to me it feels rather masculine, but I’m a lady and obviously head over heels for this space so it really comes down to just having a preference for a beautiful, minimal space. In spite of my best efforts, I couldn’t pare my home down to such few treasures but I love when others are able to (my craft supplies and cookbooks are going to be needing their own floor soon). The whole apartment is such a visual delight, every part of their home flows smoothly into another and the balance between the positive and negative space is just about perfect. There aren’t many bold patterns or pieces, just well made local furniture and a few decorative accents that really shine. It really makes the case for a ‘less is more’ design philosophy and serves as constant inspiration to be more considerate of the pieces I buy for my home.
bed frame $299
duvet $139
rope light $118
hamper $89
rug $45 (3×5)
print $29
blanket $15
bowl $3


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