Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Modern Airy Living Room

Today’s featured room belongs to Erin of Apartment 34; Apartment Therapy featured her loft this week and posted about a zillion jaw-dropping photos of her awesome space. She has done a phenomenal job in making a truly modern loft feel warm and inviting, with a mix of textures and warmer tones to complement the contemporary lines of her furniture. The best part is that most of her pad is furnished with well-priced products from places like CB2 and West Elm. There is also a great DIY opportunity with that woven leather stool. This tutorial explains an awesome weaving technique with leather ribbon and jute twine if you have some extra time. The blogger found a stool base already assembled, but provides links here and here if you don’t happen to luck into one. If you want a more traditional woven leather seat or fancy building the base from scratch, this is a  pretty great looking finished product (the link  in the list below will take you to a third DIY with another method for weaving the leather and a base made of copper!).

A word on cowhides–as a native Texan, I am probably no further than twenty minutes away at most from a cowhide purveyor at any given time. And in my experience they are really affordable here–I bought mine at a shop in this tiny town called Leakey for about $300, which was the largest size and best quality they offered (smaller hides started around $180). I learned a lot about the tanning process and finding a quality rug, but there are really only a few things to keep in mind. The best quality “hair-on” hides come from Brazil and Argentina, with Brazil slightly edging out Argentina on the quality of their tanning chemicals and the suppleness of the end product; the lower quality hides mostly come from Ecuador and can crack over time and/or give off a chemical smell. If you just want to get the look, I think it’s fine to go with a more affordable version (1) but if you want the hide to last for a long time and show minimal cracking or hair loss, you’ll want to make sure you go with a Brazilian or Argentinian hide. And I provided a West Elm link in the list below since they are easily accessible, but they are more expensive and since hide colors and prices can vary so widely, I also wanted to provide some other sources as well (1, 2, 3).

Sofa $649
Hide rug $549
Jute rug $135
Chair $119
Side table $149
Aztec pillows $100 (set of 2)
Antlers $25 (set of 2)


*denotes a DIY project

Happy hunting!

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