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This is going to come as no surprise, but the new West Village home of supermodel Karlie Kloss is just as chic and put-together as she is. Her Nate Berkus-designed apartment came out recently in Vogue, and I was immediately and completely smitten (and forgive today’s terrible pun, I was weak and hungry). The high/low mix that Nate and Karlie are both known for is reflected in the space, and the sophisticated-yet-lighthearted result is truly stunning (though Nate’s version of ‘low’ mostly seems to apply to Restoration Hardware, which is obviously very debatable). It goes without saying that Karlie has a little more cash to put toward things like one-of-a-kind antique shark tooth mirrors and price-upon-request lighting, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from creating their own version of her pad.

This vignette is hands-down my favorite shot of Karlie’s home. The textures and lighting and the pared-down color scheme are just too good (if that’s even possible), and as I shopped around I realized just how much room there is for improvisation while still being able to totally nail this look. Surprisingly, you have several entry-level DIY options that can end up saving you a lot of money over the price listed below. This hyper-affordable lamp would be a great candidate for some rub-n-buff or good old fashioned gold spray paint (and save you $150!), or maybe you’d like to branch out to an owl (the puns, I know—I just can’t stop). Same goes for the bench—this DIY could not be easier or more affordable (here are supply options for US readers: 1, 23) and could save you about $330 if you went with the all-Ikea option. I did have some decision-making to do about the console table, however. Although I found plenty of candidates, the intersection between the exact shape and the price was always way too high to include them in a budget-friendly post (12). Ultimately I went with an ivory console that echoes the color and slim lines of Karlie’s, but if you are favoring the shape more so than the color, this console is a favorite (and if your budget allows, consider 123). As far as the original black chairs go, I feel pretty conflicted about them—I’m sure that Nate found them at a charming vintage shop somewhere, but most budget-friendly approximations of those chairs are going to look supremely tacky and hurt your back before ultimately disintegrating. The chairs I included here have the same slim lines as well as the airy feel of Karlie’s originals, but if they aren’t your favorite I would highly suggest you consider something equally interesting (123). And as far as those fabulous teal shades on those sconces, here is a quick DIY option and my suggested paint.

Lamp $200*
Console $449
Chairs $200 for a pair
Rug $150
Stool $348
Sconce $223 each (x2)*
Mirror $100
Vase $15


The * denotes a DIY project

Happy hunting!

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