Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Fresh & Glamorous Sitting Area

In my book, HGTV’s Sarah Richardson can do no wrong. She is the queen of mixing textiles and a total pro at incorporating vintage and antique finds into her spaces. Today I’ve got a lovely space of hers that you can call your own. 


This petite living room’s minty color scheme and glamorous accents are perfect for a stylish bachelorette pad or cozy home for two. The Napoleon III mirror adds drama and brightness, while the playful fabrics keep the space feeling energetic and youthful. I wouldn’t think to mix dark jade with light aqua, but I absolutely love how they work together here. Pick up a gallon of edible-sounding paint–cucumber, mint, celery, etc.– and you’ll be all set!

loveseat $612
rug $270
mirror $345
side tables (each) $141
lamps (set of 2) $56
blue pillows (each) $18
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3 thoughts on “Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Fresh & Glamorous Sitting Area

  1. I love small spaces and this little condo was one of my all-time favorite Sarah Richardson designs. Love the color, even though the client did not like it at first, it's perfect and so pretty. That tiny kitchen is perfection. I used a lot of ideas from this space for my own small (425 sq.ft.) apartment. Only problem was, I couldn't change the wall color but I followed the furniture placement almost exactly. Thanks for putting this in our re-do.

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