Outdoor Succulent Wall

We had a gorgeous, sunny weekend here in the San Francisco bay area. It definitely feels like the warm weather is here to stay for awhile. The Mr and I were inspired to start thinking about our outdoor spaces. We started cleaning up the backyard and we put out the chaise cushions and umbrella. I’m going to do an patio update too…soon!

But THIS month we decided to create some fun outdoor art to enjoy this summer. We decided to create a succulent wall. I took my inspiration from my favorite local cafe, Bumble. Bumble has the most amazing succulent wall created by The Botanist.

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Of course we aren’t going for one on such a grand scale, I think Bumble’s succulent frame is the size of our backyard patio. Well, pretty close 😉 We decided to tackle doing two 2ft x 2ft succulent frames.

We created, and when I saw “we” I mean, the Mr., a box from some left over cedar we had laying around from making our raised vegetable beds.

The Mr. used his new Rockwell BladeRunner saw which made this all super easy. So excited about this new saw…I’m imagining all of the possibilities!

Next we attached plywood backings.

Then attached this wire netting with 1/2″ openings. The Mr. inset pieces of wood and attached the wire netting to that with a staple gun. This way we can remove the wire netting later one without having to remove the frame face as well.

Here it is with the frame attached.

We used cactus soil in our base.

We bought a TON of succulents from Lowe’s, ranging from medium to small. Love all of the colors and textures. We removed them from all of their pots in preparation.

Next I (and by “I” I mean me!) poked holes in the soil with a pen and inserted each little plant. As you can see there’s some gaps. I left them there on purpose, so that the succulents can have some room to grow.

The succulents have to sit and grow roots for a few weeks before we can mount the frames to the wall. I also plan to add some moss to fill in the gaps and cover up the netting once we hang these beauts up.

We are going to use french cleats to hang them in the backyard and I can’t wait!

I’ll do another follow up post in a couple of weeks when they’re ready to be hung!

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