Earth Day 2014 Favorites

Happy Earth Day! May today help bring awareness to the need to save our beautiful earth. Here are some fun earth-friendly goodies I’ve had my eye on lately.

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1. Natursutten Natural Rubber Teether $15
I’ve been reading all about natural rubber lately. So much safer than plastic and silicone. This teether caught my eye because, if your baby is chewing on something, shouldn’t it be made of something non-toxic and safe?

2. Eos Lip Balm approx. $3
Arden and I are both addicted to this fun lip balm.

3. Skin Savior Balm $68
I know, I know quite pricey (at least it is for me!), but I’ve been hearing about all of the amazing properties of this balm. AND all of the different uses. It definitely seems like a workhorse.

4. Everyone Face Exfoliating Cleanser $10
Have you heard? Those little micro-plastic beads used in so many facial cleansers these days are polluting our lakes and oceans. Fish are eating them and poisoning themselves and us. Water treatment plants aren’t able to to filter them out of our water because they’re too small. So if you use a cleanser with those micro-beads, you might want to think about switching. The Mr loves his exfoliating cleanser, so I thought I’d switch it out for this one and see how he fares 😉

5. Everyone Balance Shampoo $10
This shampoo sounds amazing. It helps balance your scalp while cleaning, instead of drying it out.

6. Jar Sippy Cup $8
A sippy cup made from a heavy-duty canning jar and a silicone mouthpiece.

7. Hevea Natural Rubber Bath Toys $25
Again with the natural rubber. These are so safe for your kids as well as being nostalgic.

8. FEED bag $45
I love FEED bags, I’m addicted to them. I guess it’s a good addiction to have, right?

9. PACT Women’s Watermelon Tank $28
This is not only earth-friendly, it’s mama-friendly. I’m a huge fan of pact clothing, I even added some to Conrad’s Easter basket. The shirts are a nice soft cotton, made well with nice shape. This tank is one of my all time favorites though. I love it for it’s great flattering fit with out being to tight. It’s a fun springtime color and it’s long so it covers your bum and belly. Love it.

Happy Earth Day!

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