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Happy Friday! I hope the week has treated everyone well…and if it hasn’t, well, there’s always cocktails 😉 I have such a happy chic dining room for you today that is sure to put a smile on your face. The utterly fashionable Louise Roe’s home is just as fun and fabulous as you’d expect, and she describes it perfectly as “bright and sunny ’70s treehouse chic”. 

What makes this room so accessible is the potential for some really simple, affordable DIY projects. Ikea finally stopped selling that paper lantern chandelier (naturally, just when I had occasion to use it in a room), so it’s a prime opportunity to DIY one like this. You can also jazz up your standard white Parsons table with a little gold paint at the top of each table leg, and if you were really feeling adventurous you could even try your hand at wood etching (or carve stamps from smaller pieces of rubber like you’d find at an art supply store). I would also encourage you to look for some really special gold chairs to complement those uber affordable clear chairs–items like gold velvet tufted chairs aren’t readily available in most stores, and a little vintage can go a long way toward realizing your dream of a golden 70s dining room! And keep in mind that this room is a little pricier because this is a table that seats 6; if you have a smaller space then this table is a very affordable option at $299, with further savings from buying four chairs instead of two (and maybe even a smaller rug!)

clear chairs(4) $79
rug, 8×10 $337 (60% off)
pendant $27
curtains (2) $80 per panel
tufted chair (2) $323


Happy hunting!

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