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With the weather finally warming up most of our cities, it’s time to start focusing on our outdoor spaces. Being a Texan, spending time outdoors is practically built into our DNA, so it follows that we also devote time toward ensuring that our outdoor spaces are as inviting and hospitable as possible. My parents built a fantastic new deck last year, and spending time drinking beer and BBQing and sitting around their fire pit has been a huge motivator for me to show my own deck a little love.

Truthfully, I know a lot of us don’t have as much (if any) outdoor space as we would like, but the great thing about today’s relaxed, colorful room besides the INCREDIBLE price is that it can easily be incorporated into many different spaces. Maybe you have a sunroom or a spare bedroom with a lot of light, or maybe your living room needs a refresh—you can still get the look and feel of this room even if you change out the sofa for a bistro set or your guest bed. The key to this look is mixing bright colors in with soothing white tones, and incorporating different textures with the chunky basketweave on the sofa, the woven pillows, the breezy sheer curtains, etc. I also added in some fun decorative accents like the stone elephant to give the room a Moroccan vibe, and you can take the look even farther with a quick visit to a store like World Market or Pier 1—there are more great lighting options (the hanging lanterns and the Edison string lights are my favorites) and this super cool elephant wind chime. Ikea is also a great source for affordable party lighting that doesn’t require plugs (they have saved many a party, I assure you!). And a quick google or Pinterest search will also turn up some of the coolest and most affordable DIYs—there are a ton of ridiculously fun ideas for kids as well as adults to fit all budgets.

sofa w/cushions (IKEA family member price through 5/6) $413
curtains (2) $18ea
string lights (10 light string) $17
stool $100
blanket $55

Happy hunting!

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  1. The indigo blanket in original picture is from JCPenny Home department. I got it on sale 1 month ago for only $10

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