Copycat Chic Room Redo | A Cheerful New England Living Room

Many of you may have seen this room bounce around Pinterest this week. You certainly did if you follow me, as I pinned this entire happy house, featured in this months issue of Domino. I couldn’t resist. As one who mostly prefers neutral colors, I was surprised at how drawn I was to this colorful space and found myself saying- this is color done right. It makes me happy, but still feels peaceful and relaxing. I love the quirky elements, like the unexpected art, and use of pink, mixed with tailored accents like greek key trim, and lots of symmetry. It feels just right to me.

sofa $1,099
rug $298
brown pillow (2) $10
pink pillow (2) $42
drapes $59 (per panel)
side tables (2) $60
lamps (2) $99

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