Conrad Weekly | 17 Weeks

17 weeks yesterday and 4 months old today!

Mr. Man has made big progress lately. He’s been a big boy and sleeping in his crib AND sharing the room with his big sister. And it’s been WORKING! We really thought that transition was going to be a lot harder.

One thing that’s made it a little bit harder though…is that he’s been rolling over. A lot. Like ALL the time. Yay! Learning is good. What’s not so good? He hates being on his tummy. So once he rolls over on. to. his. tummy. Life isn’t so happy for him. Which means…things aren’t so happy for me either. OR Arden who has to share a room with him. Yep. Gotta love this phase. Here’s to hoping he learns to roll back over on to his back soon 😉

But other than that? Nothing but smiles over here!

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    1. Thanks Shelley! Just spent a big chunk of time over on your blog. Loving your style! 🙂

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