Copycat Chic Room Redo | Layered Living Room

When you hear the words layered in the design world your mind might immediately go to a space that is colorful, yes? Well my favorite way to layer a space, especially my own, is with neutrals. It’s really a no fail policy if you want that clean and serene feel without it feeling like the land of beige. You can’t argue with a room like the one below!

When I saw this gorgeous room on Pinterest I examined every detail. Velvet, linen, jute, wool, shag. Then also white, cream, carmel, tan, and not to mention all the mix of woods and metals. It sounds like a lot going on, but it all works so beautifully because it’s all neutral and very simple. What a gorgeous backdrop for that fiddle leaf too. An absolute stunning space! 

If you’ve been pining after that Moroccan rug for some time now get it now! It’s 70% on RugsUSA for Presidents Day. I happen to have the exact one and love it!

Jute Rug $160
Wool Rug $170 *with code PRES70
Coffee Table $60
Sofa $399
Arm Chair $199
Ottoman $149
Floor Lamp $70
Side Table $200
Accent Chair $343
Planter $120
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree $155
Drapes $40 (x4)
Art $75
Pillow $89
Pillow $75


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