Ranch House Redo | Master Bedroom More Progress

I’m trying to catch up on all of my latest projects and I’m almost there! I wanted to share a  couple of updates we’ve made to the master bedroom. The last time you saw it was back in September and we’ve made quite a few changes since then!

First change? Paint. We finally got around to painting awhile back and it’s the perfect shade of gray. Seriously. What color you ask? Why 
Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, of course. The perfect not too cold, not too taupey, just warm enough, gray. The room automatically looks so much more calm and serene. And finished. But it’s not. Not quite yet!

We also got a new bed! Yay! I’ve had my eye on this one for awhile, ever since I added it to Joy & Revelry. I love the tufting, the linen and the brass nailhead trim. Oh AND you can’t see it in the picture, but it’s not just a headboard, it has a bed frame too. Why is this important? Because there’s no need for a bedskirt. Yay. Have you ever noticed the lack of good looking bedskirts for Cal-King sized beds? Yeah….
Next up? Neeeew bedding thanks to Crane & Canopy. I went with bedding in gray to match the walls. I kept it classic with the Gray Border Duvet and paired it with a fun pattern: the Noe Gray Printed Shams. The gray flannel herringbone sheets I picked up awhile back at Target and the monogramed shams are from West Elm, also awhile back. The throw pillow is from Etsy. I love how the color ties in with everything.

The Crane & Canopy bedding is by far the most luxurious of all of them, that’s for sure. It’s 100% cotton with decent weight to it. Unlike the West Elm pillowcases that feel like kleenex 😉 So if you’re looking for new bedding that’s reasonably priced but still quality-made take a look at Crane & Canopy. I’m so happy they reached out and offered to gift me some of their bedding. It makes the room feel so chic and sophisticated.

I finally made a decision and pulled the trigger on a couple of matching bedside table lamps. These artichoke lamps from Lamps Plus add texture, as well as adding some contrast and brightness to the bedside tables. They’re on sale right now too: $60 each. However, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the lacy lamp shades they came with, they just didn’t vibe with the style of the room. So I switched it up with these gray hexagon ones. The color is a spot-on match to the wall color. Fate, I tell you.

Now let’s go over the To-Do list, shall we? Lots to cross off! Only one thing left to do on the original list, pretty exciting! As for the art to hang, I’m still working on that. Art takes time to curate, that’s for sure.

new window treatments
new bed
new bedding
new light fixture
find matching chests to use as nightstands
sell current dresser & nightstands
attach full length mirror to wall
hang art on the walls
matching bedside lamps

Let’s take a look at the progression of the room, shall we?





To see my inspiration as well as the products used in my master bedroom check out my Keep.com board here:

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26 thoughts on “Ranch House Redo | Master Bedroom More Progress

  1. I must have missed your post on the nightstands. They are perfection! Where are they from? BTW, the room is so sophisticated — just love it!

  2. Love this. The bedding really looks amazing as does the whole room. It's funny you are one of the most read blogs but not a lot of comments bc we all are hurrying to buying the copy. You do such a fantastic job at this. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

    1. Thanks Ann! No painting in their future, they're actually really nice antiques and the wood is in great shape. Although I could do with a little less red in the finish, it doesn't bother me enough to mess with it 🙂

  3. This is SO gorgeous Reich! I am so impressed with your ability to get things crossed off your list. Wam Bam thank you Mam is your new motto. It's a whole new space!

  4. hi. Where did you get the white horns you have on your nightstand…love that look next to your jewelry board. Love it all!!

  5. Love your bed! Wondering about a couple things – 1. Does the headboard go down far enough that you could use just a mattress without a box spring? 2. Is the color of the fabric more of an off white vs a natural color? A lot of upholstered beds I've looked at have natural fabrics that are almost tan or khaki colored as opposed to a lighter linen color.

    1. Thank you! It's definitely an off white/ivory and no I don't think the headboard goes down far enough to be able to use it with out a box spring.

  6. I love the bed but I tried to order it from Joy & Revelry this morning and was informed they're shutting down the site and not taking any more orders. Do you have manufacturer info so I could try to track it down somewhere else? The room looks great!

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