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I wanted to try to get my butt in gear and share with you some of my resolutions for my blog this year and also the results of the survey that you guys helped me with awhile ago. It’s all related, so I figured I’d combine it all together. This is one, wordy monster of a post, so bear with me. Or for those of you not interested, you might want to skip this one.

So let’s get down to business! Here are the results of the survey along with some a few charts I cooked up to make it all look prettier.

So it looks like most of visit Copy Cat Chic which is awesome! Even more incentive to keep the blog lookin’ pretty (see resolution #6).
Most of you would prefer to read Copy Cat Chic elsewhere as opposed to receiving a daily or weekly update in your inbox. No problem, but it does look like a good percentage would like the email option, so I’ll definitely keep that open to you guys too. (resolution #1)
Most of you said never, but really, this chart is set up pretty equally. So it can’t hurt to make the mobile version of the site a little more user-friendly. (resolution #2)
The majority of you want more Room Redos, which is my favorite regular feature too! Right now they’re featured once a week on Fridays, but maybe I’ll look into increasing them to twice a week? Would you guys like that, or would it be an overkill? Oh and DIYs! Fun. I’ll have to see what fun DIY projects I can come up for you all! My Saturday Shopping posts are a fun feature too, but I haven’t really kept a regular posting schedule with them. I’m going to try to do them more regularly.
Looks like most of you are pretty satisfied with the way things are – which makes me super happy! But there are some people requesting less of somethings. It looks like a lot of you would rather not see kiddie-posts, so now that I’m offering a “home” related subscription option, hopefully that will help.

Now let’s move on to my blog resolutions for 2014! I don’t have the best track record with resolutions, so I figured making a post about them would help with the accountability aspect.

Copy Cat Chic Newsletter

I want to offer more options for you guys to subscribe. A lot of you would be interested in a weekly digest of all of the posts, so I wanted to offer that. As well as bringing back the “home” vs “life” options of subscribing. Basically for those of you who only want to see the home-related stuff you get a “baby-free” digest and for those of you who only want to see baby and life posts, there’s a subscription option for you too 😉 I have a basic template in service already, but I’ll be making updates to it soon.

Update Mobile Blog Template

I use blogger right now, so there’s not a lot of options for updating the mobile site, but it looks like a lot of you use your phones to catch up on the latest over here, so I’d like it make it a little more mobile friendly.

New Blog Series

Come up with additional regular blog features, so stay tuned! We’ll be introducing some fun ideas for blog post series and would love to get your feedback on them. One reader suggested doing a room revamp for $100 or less. I LOVE that idea! Another commenter wanted more posts on up and coming home trends. 

Easier Search Tools

Several commenters on the survey mentioned that I needed easier ways to search for posts. The built in search box on my blog can sometimes be a little buggy. Also the “Labels” drop down menu is a little unwieldy. I’m going to try and find a better way of organizing posts, so you guys can find what you need. 

Answering Emails

This is a hard one. I receive so many emails during the day and I read each and every one of them. I try to respond to them within a couple of days, but sometimes it takes me a little longer. Also I want to be better at responding to ALL of the emails I receive. That might be a tall order, but it would make me so happy. I’m thinking I might just designate a day in the a week where I do nothing but answer emails 😉

Blog Template Update

I’d like to update the look of the blog. I know it wasn’t that long ago that I did, but I always get so tired of the blog by the time a year rolls around. Maybe because I stare it multiple times a day… every day?!

Product Rating

One survey commenter mentioned that it would be great to have a product review capability on the products I feature on my blog. That would be Ahhhmazing. Not sure if it’s possible, but if it is, I’m going to find out!

So that’s it for now! What do you guys think? Looking forward to some of the changes? Did I miss anything? Or do you have any other suggestions?

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