Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Festive Pink Living Room

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
I don’t know about you, but the minute Thanksgiving is over I switch to full on Christmas mode.  It is my favorite time of year because I love decorating my house, playing Christmas music and spreading the holiday spirit.  I wanted to redo a room today that showcased my love of Christmas with a new twist.  Red and green are the traditional colors, but wouldn’t it be fun to mix it up with grey and pink??
I love how it’s not your typical holiday room, but it’s still so festive and cheerful! I think those cute little white trees are perfect for an apartment where a full 7′ tree isn’t exactly realistic.  And when it’s time to put away the decorations, you still have a fab living room.  That’s a total win-win.
I think that lamp shade would make the perfect DIY project.  Add a little ribbon and fun trim and you have an identical match!!  Weave the same ribbon through the wreath and the pink trees and you are set!
grey sofa $849
pink ribbon $1.50
white frames $10 x 2


Happy Holiday Decorating!!

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