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I was invited to be a part of the Treetopia design council this year which basically means that Treetopia sent me one of their fun artificial Christmas trees and in return I would decorate and post about it. I’ve always thought it would be fun having an artificial tree, especially one in a unique color. I decided to go with a black tree to match the black and white decor in our living room.


My black tree came in a box with it’s own storage bag. It came in three separate pieces labelled for easy assembly. Which it was, btw. Easy. Just find the three numbers and put the pieces of the tree together in the right order. The hardest part of the whole thing was “fluffing” out the branches. Which really wasn’t so hard at all. Ask me again when it’s time to pack the tree away though 😉 Another thing I love is that the tree has the lights already in place, so you have a blank canvas all ready to go.


Originally I thought I’d go with a black and white theme, just like my living room decor. BUT after seeing the tree assembled, I changed my mind. The reason? Even though the tree is black, you almost can’t tell. It’s surprisingly subtle, it gives the impression of being a dark green, especially at night. During the day it’s a bit more obvious.
I decided to go with  metallics instead, which is totally different than any other theme I’ve done in the past. This tree is totally fancy pants and I love it. It’s loaded with platinum, silver, gold and glitter. I scoured all of my faves,  Home Goods, Ross, Target and Michael’s for all of the goodies I ended up using.
There is one thing about it that puzzles me. You would think that with an artificial tree the top would have a great easy, sturdy branch on which to place a tree topper. No such luck. The branches at the top are not any stronger than the bottom branches and there’s no natural place to put your topper. I finally had to just tie my star topper on with a ribbon, not a big deal, just a little FYI.


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Now for the fun part, one lucky reader will win a tree of your choice from Treetopia! Enter using the rafflecopter widget below.

21 thoughts on “Copy Cat Chic Giveaway | Treetopia

  1. I'm gonna check them out. I can't stand real trees. It's just such a hassle from getting it to disposing of it. We had a pre-lit one from Michaels for 7 years but the lights stopped working. We got rid of it. This year my husband wants a real one, for a change. But I'd love to get another fake one. So much easier.

  2. Even though I love natural trees, they are getting so expensive for the amount of time that you actually have it up that I have been thinking of getting an artificial tree. One from Treetopia would be awesome!

  3. Gorgeous tree from Treetopia! You did an amazing job decorating. Would love the Alexander Fir-beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I thought it was a good combo of traditional and modern with the black and all of the metallics 🙂

  4. Having a tree in every room of the house is essential, we have committed to a real one in our living space but we have a fake one in our office that happens to be a front window of our house…would love one for the dining room! Tis the Spirit of the season!! Oh, and did you get those gold sparkly stars on the tree from Treetopia? or somewhere else? would you mind sharing the source? we are going to do a star theme on our front porch and those would be BEYOND perfect! thanks so much! Tara

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