Ranch House Redo | A Little Entryway Reorganization

The June project for the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Network was to update a “drop space”, aka any place where you drop things, junk drawers, closets, tables, etc. I had the perfect space in mind. Our entryway closet. First of all, I love that we have an closet in our entryway. Things you don’t take for granted when moving from old, 100 year old houses.

We take our shoes off in the house, so this closet gets worked overtime from shoes to coats to scarves, hats and sunglasses. As a matter of fact, we keep ALL of our shoes in this closet. Easy access right? On the other hand, not so pretty 😉

We’d been keeping all our our shoes in separate hanging shoe racks, not quite working in this closet because it didn’t leave much space for hanging our jackets. So I wanted to take advantage of all of the space on the bottom of the closet that was underutilized. 

Hooks for our purses, bags, etc help keep things within easy reach. And there’s so much more hanging space now that the hanging shoe hangers have gone by the wayside.

Baskets and old wooden wine crates help keep the smaller things organized.

We gave the inside of the closet a fresh coat of paint and added some shelves to the bottom half for all of our shoes. We each get a shelf and the top one houses all our taller shoes.

It’s a lot nicer to open this door in the morning and see everything nicely organized. And Arden can open it herself and pick out her shoes in the morning. She loves it – and more often than not picks her pink rainboots to wear…rain or shine 😉

We primed and painted wood strips and attached them on all three sides of the closet. Then bought solid wood panels for the shelves. The priming and painting took the longest, so I’d recommend buying pre-primed wood if you can swing it! In our case, our closet size wasn’t standard enough :

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10 thoughts on “Ranch House Redo | A Little Entryway Reorganization

  1. Love it and the blog. I need all the organizational help I can get as you can see on my blog if you look at my studio space in the basement. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Our kids have never been allowed to take their shoes upstairs to their rooms. Saves so much searching. We have cubbies by the back door and all shoes go in there. (or, more commonly, on the floor around there until mom yells) Every morning's mad dash out the door includes a stop at the cubbies to grab footwear. It has been a perfect solution for our household, copied by many friends and frequently utilized by visitors who also stick their shoes in a cubby.
    Also keeps the dirt from shoes out of the house and everyone knows where to find their shoes. (Or someone else's shoes to steal- my two teen daughters and I all wear the same size.)

    1. Sounds like a great system! Very similar to ours. especially the "on the floor around there" part. 😉 lol

  3. Nice job! I"m wanting to do something similar. How far apart are your shoe shelves and how deep are they?

  4. Just had a meltdown this morning cause we couldn't find my 3 year olds "light up" shoes! Need to do this in my home! Like YESTERDAY! LOL 🙂

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