The New Home

As promised, here’s the lowdown on our new home. Like I told you in my last post, it’s our Grandparent’s home and they bought it in the 60’s, brand new. It’s a great solid house just waiting for some cosmetic updates. It’s a 3bd/2ba house with nice (flat) backyard and attached garage. It’s California Ranch-ariffic.
Here are some pictures I ran around and took the night before we moved in. Sorry for the lighting quality, I tried to get most of them in before it got dark. Most of the furniture you see was Grandma and Grandpa’s. The To-Do list will be coming later, as you can see, there’s lots to be done!
The front of the house (sorry for the open garage door). And yes, the house is partially pink, at least it’s a pale pink. I smell curb appeal projects on the horizon.
The entry way opens right into the formal living room. There’s some fun wall paper on the entry wall that will have to be revisited.
The organ was my husband’s Uncle’s leftover childhood goodie (say that 3 times fast!). It is already listed on Craigslist. Nice big window which lets in lots of light. Yay. This is actually the lightest room in the house.
The very vintage and authentic stereo console will be going to an Aunt. Soon. And here’s the ocean painting you all loved so much on Instagram and Facebook.
The other side of the entryway is open to the smallish dining room and galley kitchen. Not my favorite layout ever, but we’ll make do.
The kitchen was redone back in the early 80’s. Lots of black appliances…and oh yea, one harvest gold oven to make you feel at home. The tile countertop is already lots of fun (ha). 
I can admire the untouched quality of the dining room with it’s authentic dining set and pendant, but alas, the dining set is off to the same Aunt who’s getting the stereo console.
Continuing straight through the dining room, you’ll reach the den.

The fireplace is calling out to me. And you have to love the glittery, cottage-cheese ceiling in all of it’s glory, not to mention the faux wood beams.

All of the furniture in this room is going bye bye, except for the super long (8ft) couch. It’s really comfy; I’m going to have it reupholstered.

Back down  the hallway you’ll see the office/guest bedroom on your left and a bathroom on your right.
The guest bedroom is painted a pale yellow, which is one of only two rooms in the entire house that isn’t “Navajo White”. Oh and let’s not forget the wallpapered accent wall. This seems like it was such a sweet little girl’s room, back in the day, don’t you think? Very Brady.

The bathroom has pale pink tiles, wallpaper and linoleum. Oh and don’t get me started on the vanity. I’m going to see about converting that bath to a shower/bath combo.
Further down the hall you’ll run into the master bedroom. Those curtains are so awkward, aren’t they? Although, I admit it’s the small windows that are awkward. I miss tall windows already.

You can see a peek of the master bathroom here.
Yes, it’s purple. I’m surprised Grandpa allowed this color in the house actually 😉

Ditto on the vanity and linoleum.
And last but not least, Arden’s room!
She’s got the biggest room in the house actually. The play kitchen was a gift from her Grandma & Grandpa for Christmas. It’s been waiting here patiently for Arden to arrive.

More oddly sized windows & curtains…
And there you have it. Our new blank slate and on-going project. It’s quite different than anywhere I’ve ever lived before. So I’m at a little bit of a loss on which direction to go with it. I actually have “designer’s block”, I think. Or maybe it’s like they always say, I have no problems designing other people’s spaces, but clueless when it comes to my own. Ha! Needless to say there’s definitely a lot already on the “To-Do” list, even if I haven’t quite figured out the exact direction I’m going yet. I’ll post the to-do list soon!

32 thoughts on “The New Home

  1. What a great blank slate! I totally understand how it could feel overwhelming. One room at a time…and I hope you keep us in the loop!

  2. You are getting rid of some seriously rockin' mid-century furniture! That stereo cabinet could be refinished to become a gorgeous credenza for the front hallway, that dining set is great the way it is or maybe with a darker glaze on it. Furniture made back then was made well & made to last, stuff made now to look like it is Chinese made junk or incredibly high priced. Rethink what you're giving away.

    1. Not by choice! Auntie had first choice 😉 We kept what we could! Would have loved to keep the stereo console and use it as a media console for our TV. And the dining set is pretty great too.

  3. FABULOUS!! I love it…especially the windows! I am a window treatment expert…so if you want custom treatments… just sayin'. Best of luck..looking forward to seeing your progress! Michelle

    1. Thanks Michelle! Work is underway 🙂 I'm hoping to be better at progress shots! I'm always so particular and hate showing a space if it's not "completed". BUT I've finally come to the realization that spaces just never completed 😉 lol

  4. We just moved into a very similar home – built in the 60s. It's quite unlike anywhere we've lived as well. I'll be interested in seeing your ideas unfold. I'm kind of overwhelmed right now with all the decisions that need to be made. Good luck!

    1. Sounds like we're in exactly the same postions Allison! lol Hopefully I can offer some inspiration…at some point!

  5. It is a great house, very much like the one I grew up in, in the 60s!! Great bones and I am sure solidly built, You have a wonderful blank slate. It is true what they say about designing for ourselves. I did a post on getting in touch with your own personal design roots that you might enjoy reading . I actually gave myself a consultation just like I use to do for my clients to help me get back to what I realllllly love. We are so inundated with so many options it makes it hard, but we can really only LIVE with certain things and we can LIKE a lot of different things. Living and Liking are two different things. here is the link if you are interested…..

    1. Great post there and so helpful! My dilemma is that my personal style just doesn't vibe with the style of the house… : Any ideas on when Ralph Lauren clashes with Eichler? 😉

  6. I think for sure the 3 foot drapes are my fav. I'm bringing those back into our room designs:) We're almost trendsetters, right?! ahahaha. It DOES have a lot of potential though, and I'm betting it's already looking pretty good with just "your" stuff in there. I'm excited to see what you do!! (but yes, I agree about drawing blanks in your own space sometimes- we still haven't decorated our bedroom. Kind of looks like college kids live there:)

    1. Yeah, those curtains. They really are a gem that's for sure 🙂 Maybe if I wait long enough to replace them…they'll come back in style? lol. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Might have to have you help me out 😉 hee hee

  7. Congratulations on the move! I'm excited to see the projects as you go along. And as for one of your previous posts, about moving with that company- I never knew those kinds of companies existed! What a great idea, to have reusable plastic boxes, and how nice to have someone come and pick them up and take them away!

  8. I LOVE the black window frames, it is what I want in my own house. You will get a feel after living there for a bit. I can't wait to see the transformations.

  9. How exciting! Congratulations, my daughter Norrie is insanely jealous of Arden's "flat" back yard-ours is terraced so there's not a lot of room to run free. I can't wait to see your personal stamp on the home!!!

  10. I can't wait to see how you dress the living room window. I have a similar setup and have been struggling with how to update/modernize the treatment that came with the house.

  11. This will be a blast to decorate. Can't wait to see what you do. If you need any ideas, please let me know. I am a Realtor with a design/decorating bug working in an area with similar homes. The layout is super friendly to family living and entertaining. Enjoy.

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