Copy Cat Chic Room Redo: All Black and White & Modern Dining Room

This is a room that had caught my eye a while back and I’m so happy to show it to you today redone for under $1,000! The key to making this all black and white dining room look great is keeping visual interest throughout the different shapes in the room. Those chairs, hello! The mismatched dining chairs have crazy lines and fun details but they work because they’re pulled together through a common color scheme. Well crafted pieces and personalized art keep the black and white from being boring. I adore this room even though it’s lacking pops of color, and that’s saying a lot. 😉 Without further ado…



As you can see I was a little rebellious with the art today (I didn’t try to match it up exactly with the inspiration photo). I took the two major requirements that stood out in the gallery wall: 1.) black and white and 2.) a drawing and applied it to pieces of art that spoke to me. I had to represent for my city! 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend y’all! 

3 thoughts on “Copy Cat Chic Room Redo: All Black and White & Modern Dining Room

  1. I am in love with the masters chair but it looks like the link is going to the Knappa pendant on Ikea…

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Carrie! I fixed the link! I love those chairs too. They come in a bunch of colors which makes it sooo much harder to choose! 😉

      x Bianca

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