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My Curator’s Collection just went live on Joss and Main tonight! I hope you all check it out. I spent quite a lot of time hunting out great deals. I wanted a collection of items that I thought looked chic but also fit in the Copy Cat Chic budget. I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you buy something, I’m curious what you all like the best 🙂

Click here to see it!
Oh and if you still need an invite go here!

Here are a few of my faves, hurry things are selling out fast!

4 thoughts on “Copy Cat Chic on Joss and Main | Affordable Chic

  1. Hi, Reichel! I just realized I've been lurking for a long time without leaving you a comment. As soon as I saw your curator's collection in my latest J&M email, I had to pop over to say hello. Great minds think alike, I guess, because I have three of the products you picked out, all in my own living room right now! The Lucy Arm Chair I purchased from OKL a couple years ago (it was called King George at the time). I have a larger version of the Dash & Albert Diamond Rug in black/white too, which I bought from Layla Grace. Lastly, I just recently purchased a blue version of Links Pillow from an Etsy seller. I must have great taste! 😉

    1. What a coincidence! 🙂 Too funny. Your home sounds very stylish 😉 Thanks for saying hello!

  2. Funny, before I even read this post I clicked over to search for some things for a client and saw your collection up! I love it! That links lamp is amazing, and seriously a good steal. Ahh, wish it wasn't right after Christmas and I'd be all over that.

    1. Hilarious! I love that lamp! Had to include even though it's more expensive than the arm chair 😉

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