9 thoughts on “Arteriors Charles Tray

  1. I've seen this in the clearance section at a few Target's around me! I don't need it for myself, but it's a great deal!

    Jessica@ metamorpHOUSE

    1. I had 2 of these in my cart on Saturday and they were on clearance for $10.48. I put them back and now I'm thinking I should've just bought them for that price. I was actually taking advantage of Target's clearance prices to stock up on Christmas gifts for next year. They sell their clearance for much more reduced prices in the store than they do online. I didn't need these trays but I thought maybe I could put it together with some other things for a great Christmas gift next year. Oh well…should've, would've, could've….

  2. I got it! Went back to the Target store and on the shelf where I put the 2 back there was still 1 of them. Gladly bought it tonight for the $10.48 and they also had put on clearance these other large gold wooden trays also on clearance for about $12 so I bought one of those too. They had them in various colors (Purple, Pink and Gold) so I just bought one in Gold. Glad I made the trek back. I missed out on the gold hexagon lamp when they marked it down to $8 and never have forgiven myself for that. It was a knock off of the arteriors ennis lamp. Should've bought it, never again.

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